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Some new music from Gruff Rhys has been released on YouTube



I noticed this at the Urdd Eisteddfod. Gwybod pronounced “gooeybod”. Is this “more correct” than how I’ve been saying it?


I think it depends. In some circles it would be regarded as hyper-correct, I think, but I don’t think anyone cares that much.

Gwbod, sometimes even gwbo’, is what I say.


So if you’re doing llefaru, or it fits the meter of the song, fine. Otherwise don’t worry about it!


Really like this.


I came across this song titled “Rhywle” sang by one choir on the album I’ve bought on eMusic however searching for lyrics I found only this preformance on YouTube (without lyrics of course).

Now I’d like to know if the lyrics are somewhere to get.

This is the song originally performed by Barbra Streisand (In English of course)

and I could very well either transcribe the lirics from the Welsh video above or re-translate the original but since this is already translated I’d rather get the original translation in Welsh than do it myself. If I’d do that again I’d feel like discovering warm water again (as we say in Slovenia) .

And this is the performance I was draen by … (I had to put some effort to find this video after I already have written all above …

Thanks for any help…







love this thread and here’s rhywbeth diddorol


I’m trying to track down a song I heard on Radio Cymru - I know it’s Casi and the Blind Harpist and the English version of it is “Rooted”, but I cannot find it yn y Gymraeg anywhere! I know I’ve only heard it on the radio in Welsh though… Any ideas?! What trick am I missing??!
ETA: Strike that!! I’ve just found it on SoundCloud! :smiley:
ETA (again):


Can you tell I loved doing this song? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


YouTube had been recommending this to me for a long time before I finally clicked on it. I’m sorry I didn’t click on it sooner. I’ve probably listened to it about a hundred times.
For best results, turn the volume up. You can’t get the full impact of him yelling the lyrics towards the end otherwise.


@meowmocha I learned to sing this song while I was studying Irish (no, I probably don’t sound very good, and yes, I need to get back to my Irish one day…) and I have to say that singing this song is a lot of fun, especially at the end because of the careful breath control it requires. He is really good at it, you can barely see him taking micro-breaths to be able to sustain those long cries at the end.

I absolutely love this song, and especially this version of this song, as there are many. I read a bit about it, and it was described in the mid-late 1700s as an “ancient Celtic battle song,” so if it was ancient back then, it is pretty old. I love the new life they’ve put into it. They created a powerful piece.

Well… I can’t sit here writing about it without giving it my umpteenth listen. :wink:


Don’t think this has been posted here. Heard it when I listened to Radio Cymru 2 for the first time. Cwîn by Gwilym

Very catchy.


Joy Formidable … NE Welshies are back with this version of ‘Whirring’


thank you, i love the welsh version too ! xxx