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Not the sort of thing I normally post, but this song was a bit of a theme to last week. Gwilym Bowen Rhys sang a rousing version in Tŷ Gwerin, the folk yurt, with the audience singing along with some gusto, and then at Maes B on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, a thousand Welsh youngsters were belting it out before Candelas took the stage.
It’s somewhat old fashioned, and the battle metaphor is not really to my taste, but there’s no doubt about its power. You’ll hear it at least once a week if you listen to the more MOR/request orientated shows on Radio Cymru, such is its continuing popularity.

Safwn yn y Bwlch - We Will Stand in the Breach



Cân wych … definitely not your usual…but my personality is weak to diversity and distraction :smiley:

Alles gut ja!