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Not the sort of thing I normally post, but this song was a bit of a theme to last week. Gwilym Bowen Rhys sang a rousing version in Tŷ Gwerin, the folk yurt, with the audience singing along with some gusto, and then at Maes B on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, a thousand Welsh youngsters were belting it out before Candelas took the stage.
It’s somewhat old fashioned, and the battle metaphor is not really to my taste, but there’s no doubt about its power. You’ll hear it at least once a week if you listen to the more MOR/request orientated shows on Radio Cymru, such is its continuing popularity.

Safwn yn y Bwlch - We Will Stand in the Breach



Cân wych … definitely not your usual…but my personality is weak to diversity and distraction :smiley:

Alles gut ja!



I am looking for a couple of simple Welsh songs to sing - maybe a children’s song or 2? Suggestions welcome, Diolch!




So pleased this band is now getting recognised in the English music media hopefully introducing more people into this great band and the Welsh music scene generally :clap:

Los Blancos - Dilyn Iesu Grist


New music/contemporary culture series starts tonight on S4C with a review of music from the Llanrwst Eisteddfod.


Well, I’ve just (over the course of a few weeks, I’m not completely barking) gone through all 1169 previous messages of this thread, listening to each song (at least in part!) and made a Youtube of the 188 of them I liked in one way or another! Thank you all for the amazing links.


That’s a labour of love! How many did you ditch after 20 seconds?

Could you share your list? Or maybe your top 20?


@Lianne-Wilson Yeah, I’d love to see your short list too! Here’s one I have been building, with some favorites I’ve listened to hundreds of times along with some more recent finds representing a variety of musical styles, and some of which may not be in this thread yet… there are far too many for me to remember! I went through the most of the thread, but it was a while ago now. :smile: Hope you like them!


Just found this really immersive 360° video of Candelas playing Maes B (at the Eisteddfod) it’s best viewed with a 3D viewer but you can get the 360 view with just a smartphone


Wow, that takes some dedication. So far, I haven’t looked at many of the suggestions on this thread, but there’s some stuff here I’ve heard before. I’ll have to explore more of the videos.
Over the course of about a year and a half, I’ve put together a playlist with around 240 videos. Imagine if I went through this thread. Then my joke in the playlist description, “The playlist will continue growing as I find new songs, and will someday take over the world.” might really be true. :joy:


Sure thing, here’s my playlist!

Mostly I just listened long enough to tell if I liked the sound of it or not. Some are on there not because they’re exactly my cup of tea but because I like the topic or I think it’ll be good learning fodder or simply cos you kinda don’t expect Welsh rap, ha!

Some favourite bands so far are The Gentle Good, Gwenno (and she’s on my Cornish music list over on the Other Languages section too, of course) Adwaith, Y Ffug and Kizzy Crawford.


Mari Mathias



11:30am tomorrow (Tues 27 Aug) on radio 4


This version of the song doesn’t really feature Sion Sebon on banjo. It does, nevertheless, contain the greatest pick-scrape in the history (so far) of pop music.



Incredible performance from Candelas here, they look like a great band to see live!