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Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files




A couple of reposts for anyone who has been following the postcards thread:




Gwilym - Gwalia

The guy at 3:00 is awesome! :smile: :black_flag:








Cyfarfod o’r Blaen gan Y Cledrau.

After the opening few seconds of the intro sounds very Stone Roses esque.

Loved it immediately.


Incidentally, a message I just noticed on Los Blancos Twitter account -

If you need help understanding any lyrics on the album feel free to send us a tweet or DM, we’d be happy to explain/elaborate or send a copy of the lyrics.


Mae nhw’n dod o’r de hefyd John boi!


Does anyone know how I can stop that BBC Gwilym video from auto-playing every time I visit this thread?


Much as I like the track, it is a bit annoying to have it play every time, so I just set the audio icon to mute.


I tried to fix it earlier by putting up a different link. Did it help?


I think that’s ‘fixed’ it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


So glad! Croeso! Don’t want to ruin a good song. :wink: