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Sŵn y Glaw is the name of a house near where I work. Bit depressing, don’t you all think? :wink:



Another one I heard but cannot find is California Dreamin’ redcorded in Cymraeg by Y Nhw "Cwympo Mae Y Dial. I’ve got a low tech recording off Radio Cymru just for myself as I can’t find it anywhere!
EDIT: Just found it on Youtube!!!


Moving the question in this topic in case someone else would like to join the discussion.
besides @siaronjames and @Hendrik.
I’ve checked songs previews, and my favourite is certainly Alcatraz (playing Bibopalwla’R Delyn Aur).
Does anybody know them?

Then, among those I’ve never heard, I would be curious to hear something else by Estella (onthe comp, playing Dim Ond Cysgodion) and Maharishi.

But with names like these, there’s no way I can reach any results in Welsh from Google, too much other stuff with the same names! :neutral_face:


Also…curious to hear other opinions here. I had kinda missed Meic Stevens singing in English before seeing the documentary.
I know that singing the same song in different languages change a bit because of the sound of the language itself, the metrics and so on.

But is it just my impression or he also changes a lot his singing style in most of his songs in English?!
Maybe it’s also a coincidence cause they accidentally are from a specific period and the music in general have a sound that’s closer to my taste…but anyway, still curious to hear more opinions!

p.s. his Welsh accent is one of my favourites, anyway!


Estella made 2 EP CDs and 1 album - this is the album -

This is the 2nd EP -

Oh, and the lead singer of Alcatraz was Cate Timothy aka Cate Le Bon - she does a lot of solo stuff now.



For some reason I had seen the links of the Estella records, but missed the last part of your post.

It’s interesting I picked Alcatraz, even though I totally hadn’t recognized the voice: Cate Le Bon is one of my favourite new Welsh artists!


Personally, I’m glad you picked Estella! Great line-up back then! :wink:


Oh!!! :astonished:
The other day I had checked and bookmarked the link to Sain page but hadn’t read through the bio…until now!!! :smiley:




Hey @gisella-albertini !


You’re so fast at finding things that Probably not even Pat herself has seen it!