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One of my favourites.



Here’s another nice song, who’s lyric I haven’t quite sussed yet but Aberdaron is a lovely place.





…and image files? :slight_smile:
I’ve just noticed I had never before seen a gig of a band from Wales, until last week.

They sang in English, but when she asked how to say “sad” in French, about the fact it was the last date of the Tour, the audience said “triste”.
And after a moment she realized and said with a surprised expression: “Oh, same in Welsh!” :grinning:

Great gig, by the way!
Cate Le Bon, live @Petit Bain, Paris, 21/11/19


She always used to encore with the old Brân song Tocyn - does she not do that any more?


I have to admit sometimes I don’t know which language she’s speaking in, cause she has a strange undefined accent at times!
But I’ve just searched for the song Tocyn and I don’t remember ever hearing it. I have to admit I’m not sure it would fit so well in the current set and atmosphere, it would be a bit of a weird ending for the gig I guess… :thinking:


Mi oeddwn i ar fin postio’r fideo newydd ma gan y band!..Cân dda ynde!?

I was just about to post this new song by the band…good song isn’t it?

Have you heard these two by them?
(Where went the sun?) Ble aeth yr haul?

Gad i mi lithro/ Let me slip


Werth eu clywed/ Worth listening to

Welsh Folk revival group…mainly one man…bit of rock/classical intruments thrown in at times too


[Trons dy dad]


Cofiwch dryweryn


Codi Angor



Cofio chi o’r ysgol - Remembering you from school?


A somewhat jerky, screen-captured video. I have a better quality copy somewhere - maybe It’s time to upload it.

Mewn dosbarth oer, bod yn ifanc o’dd yr esgus gore erioed is a nice little line.

Not sure what’s going on with
Cofio pawb yn ceisio g’neud ti wenu
Hyd heddiw, dwi methu
Are they trying to rhyme wenu with methu or heddiw with methu or all three? None of them rhyme at all!


I hope this is right place to post this. Apologies if not.

I recently set up a podcast, in part, to help support my journey as a dysgwr as I want to post Welsh language content and to help expose me to more Welsh language music.

We’re in the process of interviewing people we think have helped shape Welsh music and culture in some way and asking them to choose, and talk about, their favourite album by a Welsh artist and induct it into the Welsh Music Hall of Fame.

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast on all the usual platforms. It’s ‘creatively’ titled Welsh Music Podcast | Podlediaeth Miwsig Cymreig. The list of guests we’ve recorded with, and/or confirmed can be seen here. Any suggestions welcome (on the website, I don’t want to clog this thread up).

We’re also planning on recording special episodes and recently did a preview of the Welsh Music Prize with Huw Stephens. Llongyfarchiadau Adwaith! So any suggestions for topics we should cover would be great.

I’m also considering doing a ‘Pennod Cymraeg’ to coincide with ‘Dydd Miwsig Cymru’ but February may come a little too soon for me.



Oes geiriau am yr alaw? Is there words to this tune?


It’s December, so here’s something wintery.