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Warning: This is a bit sweary.



gosh, that takes me back! I remember doing the sound system for Bob when they were first starting out, and this song always got the room bouncing!







Gwyn from Los Blancos singing their song ‘Clarach’ (with Lewys from Yr Eira on keyboards)


Sorry to reply about 10 months later :laughing: but I was searching the forum and found this post as I’ve found a video of the song and was checking if anyone had posted about it before!

It’s by Meic Stevens and is called Disgwyl Rhywbeth Gwell i Ddod
It’s very difficult to find online but I found it on this video from the TV series

(The link should take you straight to the song at 11:19)
I did manage to find it on a download service ages ago but can’t remember which one, I’ve had a quick look but all I’ve found is a later compilation with the same title but for some reason doesn’t actually include the song :thinking: Edit: found it now, (there’s more than one volume in the compilation) here it is on Apple but you might be able to find it elsewhere :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure if this belongs in this thread, strictly speaking, but here’s a lockdown podcast my daughter is doing weekly for the local Menter:


I didn’t understand all of this, but enough to make me want to listen again … and again. I am listening to it in short (5 minute) bursts at the moment to prevent brain lockdown but I think I’ll keep at it until I can do the whole podcast without a break. Thanks.


Thanks for this, I’d completely forgotten that I’d posted it! Some nice songs in that compilation as well.


My favourite! very catchy


Also this is very good in my opinion :blush:


In English, but came across it and thought yeah I AM proud:


I thought that this is a wonderful way to welcome spring!

What a lovely way to welcome spring!


Shared by member on Tŵt (toot) and thought this was interesting. Sorry if its posted in the wrong place!

Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg / I’m learning Welsh (from FB)

Reading this book I own for Welsh speakers to learn English, from 1849, and I love some of the “Welshified” English sentences:

“Dde rifyr wil bi mydi tw-moro.”



Diolch yn fawr Tegwen.