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Does anybody know where this track by Tri Twmffat can be found? I started looking casually this afternoon when I heard it on Tudor Owen - i have know had quite a serious look - not on Spotify, can’t find on YouTube, not on iTunes, found lots of stuff on Sound Cloud by Twmffat but not this track…

I could Contact Tudor Owen but…someone will know surely (!) - I might just be being a bit twp.

Rich :slight_smile: (still looking)


Ha. Gotcha. Dwrn od, braf 2 - wrth gwrs!


Hi everyone, I’m new, probably a bit overenthusiastic (can’t wait for my course to start on Monday) and therefore find it hard to stop lurking! So I hope I’ll be forgiven for posting a whole bunch of my favourites all at once.

First up, looks as though no-one’s mentioned the late, great Siwsann George? Here’s one beautiful example; you’ll find lots more on YouTube:

Ffarwel i’r Marian and Y Pural Fesur are two lovely waltzes and on my list of stuff to learn:

Catrin Finch’s jaw-dropping version of Lisa Lân:

I LOVE Alaw, and we’ve been very lucky that Oli and Dylan are local boys, so we’ve had plenty of chances to hear them live! Not sure what’s happening now that Jamie Smith has left, does anyone know?

Anyway, I always find this first one particularly enchanting:

And this:

Oh dear, there’s plenty more, but I’ll stop now. Nos da!


Excellent thread!
Lots of bands I’ve loved for years (esp Gorkys), but lots of new stuff too.
I’ve also been listening to a lot of Gwilym Bowen Rhys in the last few months…(is there no end to that mans talent!? and so many bands too…Y Bandana, Plu, Tosta etc etc…).

I notice that someone has posted a clip of him singing Safwn yn y Bwlch, and I remembered seeing him do that with a brass band/orchestra.
Does anyone know if the FULL clip is available anywhere? (short excerpt below)
Diolch yn fawr iawn!



That’s from the Sain Records 50th birthday shindig at Pontio in Bangor. The whole thing was broadcast on Radio Cymru at the time, but I don’t think it was televised, which is a shame.


Fantastic to see more footage of Arenig being recorded. That album’s a masterpiece. Love it.


Diolch, hoffwn i gwybod mwy of Yr Ods lyrics - ydych chi 'n gwybod mwy?



I’ve recently discovered Mared, with Y Drefn being her debut album


Currently a little bit obsessed with Cerys Mathews Album, Tir. Beautiful, traditional Welsh music, lyrics are very clear and very easy to listen to. I love it