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Full disclosure: I think this new version is awful, lacking energy and bite. It’s obvious that they’ve understandably gone for breadth of appeal over artistic integrity. And sticking Ed Holden in in the hope of giving it a bit of ‘edge’ is a tired and obvious tactic.
Nevertheless, all in a good cause (COVID charities), so go and buy a copy from you favourite digital provider anyway.


I liked it and I could understand it which always makes me happy.


Fair enough. I may have some quite robust views on music - everyone’s got one subject on which they’re allowed to be dogmatic, as long as it’s not politics or religion - but I’m fine with people disagreeing with me. Just don’t try to change my mind. :slight_smile:



How about some Welsh Bossa Nova by Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18. “Ar ol y Glaw”
Bossa Cymreig? Neis lawn!


Does anyone have any spotify playlists for Welsh music?


The definitive one is curated by Yws Gwynedd.

Oh dear. I just described something as ‘curated’.


Spotted this on S4C, well worth a watch.


Thank you. Sorry it took me so long to reply.


So good. That blues harp/harmonica :ok_hand:t2:
And the birdsong too :heart_eyes:
And that’s before we even start on the song itself. Gwych.