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Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files


Isn’t it wonderful to discover an artist that we love. I agree Eve has an amazing voice. I’ve been lucky to see her at a couple of tiny gigs.You may have already found it but just in case…this is where you can buy her CDs/ downloads…


A lot of Breichiau Hir songs gone missing sadly… Oes clem da chi le? :pleading_face:


Not strictly Welsh-language music, but as a recent enthusiast for modular synthesizers, I was pleased to learn that one of modular’s luminaries is based in Wales


Iaith gryf = Strong language



Not sure if this on the thread already, but I’ve been listening to it and trying to figure out the words.
Great retro-pop.
“Fi’n Flin” - by Newport’s El Goodo.


Diolch Rob - I couldn’t work out how to do the link properly.


Something changed recently with the forum software that makes YouTube embedded links more difficult to set up. It used to be possible to paste in the direct URL from your browser’s address bar, or from a link using your browser’s copy link context menu. These no longer seem to work as before.

So now you need to go to the video’s page, and hit the Share link:

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Slightly (only slightly - a couple of extra clicks) frustrating.



This is gorgeous!



Cwsg mewn hedd/sleep in peace David R Edwards of Datblygu. A very influential voice and a very sad loss.



Does anyone know the song name for the intro music of the S4C show ‘Pobol y Môr’?


Sumae - it’s this:.






The Welsh in this may be a bit too much for beginners, but it’s got some cracking tracks in it - they were specially commissioned for the project and all celebrate the heritage of the North Wales slate industries, now our newest UNESCO World Heritage Site. The programme is on clic for another 148 days. “Taith Lle Chi”