Welsh National Eisteddfod Bae Caerdydd/Cardiff Bay 3 - 11/08/2018


And by coincidence I’ve just read this …


How much of the money lost was spent in Wales is the key question - if it went to businesses and organisations that benefit Wales, the language, culture and the economy then it’s not really money lost, but an investment. For me the interesting question is not how much was lost, but whether it’s sustainable and where did the money end up. I’m sure the economy of Cardiff had a nett benefit and when it goes to other parts of Wales that need that money more, will there be the same benefit?


As best I remember, they recognised beforehand that the Cardiff Eisteddfod was going to make a loss as it was the price they knew they were going to have to pay for the experiment of holding a Maes-free Eisteddfod - not sure if they published any estiimate of the likely loss, though.