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Welsh National Eisteddfod Ceredigion/Tregaron 1st - 8th August 2020 *POSTPONED TILL 2021*


See here: Eisteddfod Cenedlaethol 2020, Camping/Caravanning


How do you find out about that campsite? I went on the CYI website and there wasn’t anything about it.


I’m not sure. They run one every year but perhaps they haven’t finalised it yet. Keep an eye on their social media.


is anyone else trying to book? Is now 10:10 and there is still no link on the page that you were directed to to book.


Its ok! I’ve done it. Phew.


It was very, very slow at 10:00, but it seems a bit more responsive now.
Earlybird MaesB tickets also on sale today -

They were saying on the radio that there will be 1500 caravan pitches available, which sounds a lot bigger than last year.


For anyone failing to get any camping/caravaning spaces in Maes C or with Cymdeithas yr Iaith, there is an additional, independent site available almost just across the road from the Eisteddfod field with toilets and showers. I believe it is a temporary site for the purpose of serving the Eisteddfod.

Rates I believe are as follows -

Camping for a week (no electricity) - £120

Caravaning for a week (with electricity) - £250

Contact Aled on 07769 934195 for more information.


I was going to have a bit of a rant about the eisteddfod website never showing exactly where the Maes is but won’t because there probably is a hyperlink but I can’t find it….! However, do we know what road it is on and how far it is outside Tregaron itself?


Iam going tò the eisteddfod for þhe third time this year. Not sure why because I wander around aimlessly. Don’t go into the talks because i know I wouldn’t understand them and only manage very basic, mostly tounge-tied, conversation in the learners’ tent. Basically I feel out if depth and out of sinc. But something keeps telling my it’s good for my learning so back I go.
Please can anyone help me to make better use of my time this year?


Hi Di!

We can definitely help you make better use of your time. I would say without a doubt, that what you need is to get together with other SSiWers. There are always several SSiW meet-ups during the week. Some formally planned and flagged up here on the forum, some more impromptu. But meeting with others with whom you have things in common, or whom are at a similar level with their learning as you, will definitely help you feel more at home. Then you can wander around having the odd cuppa or pint here and there, browse book stalls, find the latest Welsh slogan t-shirts available, listen to the odd band playing and share a meal or two.

Maybe we could find you an Eisteddfod buddy for the first day that you are there?


Hi Di,

Even though you may feel most of the talks will be too advanced, don’t write them off all together. Often there are some in smaller stalls. Last year, for example, Aran took part in a panel discussion on the Cymru a’r byd stall. That was definitely accessible. There are other similar talks in lots of the stalls. Listening to these, even if you lose the conversation, will help your Welsh.

Also, do you like folk music? Tŷ Gwerin is great! Emma, my wife, isn’t that fussed on listening to folk at home but she said it was her favourite place last year. She also admitted she’d never gone before because she assumed she wouldn’t enjoy it. So places like that are always worth a punt. Plus they’re dry!

There is a lot of just “crwydro” (wandering around) the maes that happens at Steddfodau. So Catrin’s idea of a buddy is a great idea.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Tregaron. Don’t feel you have to spend every day on the Maes. One of my favourite days last year was a trip to Morfa Nefyn.

Key with the Eisteddfod is to have a look at the amserlen and pick the bits that appeal. If there’s a talk you see and you think “i wish my Welsh was good enough” my advice is just go. You’ll be amazed how much you get from just listening to topics. I did that with Huw Stephens’ chat about Cofiwch Dryweryn. I didn’t think I’d understand everything but was really interested in the topic. It was great!


Would love that. Am on level 2 challenge 5 but i am very tongue tied in welsh


Hi @DiMatthews, I went last year for the first time. I hadn’t been learning long, was ridiculously nervous and wondered why on earth I was going! I agree totally with @AnthonyCusack. I was directed to the amserlen on the App. From that I was able to plan my day to make best use of my time. In particular, I wanted to attend various music events and visit specific stalls. Because I’d singled out some activities that I had specific interest in and therefore had a bit of vocabulary, I felt reasonably comfortable that I’d be able to come up with the odd sentence here and there and understand some of what was being said. Both of those things happened and it gave my confidence a real boost. Everyone was very patient with my faltering Welsh so don’t be afraid to give it a go. Because of where I was with my learning I was more comfortable flying solo (more happy to make a fool of myself without people I know listening!) It also meant there was less temptation to slip into English.This year though I hope to meet up with other SSIWers - it’s about exploring what works best for you. Pob lwc and maybe we’ll meet on the Maes.


@DiMatthews very good advice from @AnthonyCusack! I went for a day to ynys mon when it was there and wondered how on earth would you fill a week! However last year I did spend the whole week in Llanrwst and it was a completely different experience. My ideas/suggestions are:

  1. Volunteer - you specify your level of Welsh so they will know if you are a beginner and put you with a fluent speaker.
  2. Don’t only volunteer for the learners tent. The shifts are longer and it gets boring only making tea.
  3. Go into the preliminary rounds that are held in the smaller tents. You can pleasantly while away an afternoon. There’s dancing , recitation, singing and instrument al competitions. Guess who you think will be in the top three then go into the final on the main stage and see if you were right! I spent an afternoon listening to 30 versions of the same poem in a preliminary. I didn’t understand a word at the beginning but all of it by the end.
  4. Spend time in the main stage. The quality of the performances are stunning. Borrow a translation headset if you want.
  5. Go to a children’s show. Sit through several performances until you either understand it or get thrown out!
  6. Ty Gwerin is a fab place to sit and just enjoy . You will surprise yourself that you might like things that you weren’t expecting to.
  7. If you feel completely out of your depth don’t worry it happens. I went to the poetry competition in the panel len last year. Didn’t understand a word but I knew they were being very clever with the language!


Thanks @AnthonyCusack and @jenny-5 for going to so much trouble to answer. I have certainly been doing something wrong these past 2 years because I just got very little out of it. But I can see that volunteering will help me meet people (that doesnt seem to have opened yet???) and that I need to go to the things i avoided because of lack of faith in my own ability to communicate. I I did not know about the amserin
Do hope I can link up with people this year.


Diolch @amandalaing. Lotto cyngor da.


This is not about accommodation but I can’t find the link for the Eisteddfod that it NOT about accommodation! So hope someone kind will answer this. I would like to volunteer this year as I think its a good way to use my limited Welsh, but I can’t see where on the Eisteddfod web site you do this. Has it just not opened yet or am I missing it?


I’ve had a look and found a webpage that says people will be able to register as volunteers from 1 Feb, but then I can’t find where to do that, so I’ve emailed the contact person to ask for a direct link. I’ll post it when I get a reply.


Good choice Di!


Last year the volunteering really didn’t get off the ground until at least May, and our allocations weren’t made until at least July. Because I volunteered to work anytime and anywhere they gave me 2 sessions twice a day for 7 days! My warning? Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!