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Welsh National Eisteddfod Llanrwst, Conwy 2019 - SSiW meet-up poll


Yes that was the one, but the link worked. I wonder if they took it down as it let you fill in shifts but it was for last year.


I am an editor of the local newspaper here in Uralla, Australia, the Uralla Wordsworth. The chief editor is on leave. I’ve surreptitiously inserted an ad in the next edition, for the Eisteddfod. I wonder if I’ll get any reactions

A Oes Heddwch?
Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2019, Llanrwst


Great idea! I I look forward to chatting to dozens of Urallans on the Maes.


That would be half the village! :wink:


Be’ am “Capten Taranfollt”? Dal yn fyw, naen nhw’n deud …


This is what I get now, with no way of signing up as a website user. I’m already signed up for the email, and don’t need a password for that.


Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:
I’m hopeful for the option of shuttle buses as my youngest is still at the stage when it would make her a bit happier! Hmm, practicalities of bringing bikes along with all the camping stuff… I wonder if the poor car could cope?!


Prynhawn da!

Whilst pulling stray threads of the party weekend together and trying to get back in to routine, I was just beginning to think about our next big SSiW gathering, which must be in the Eisteddfod!

So any moment of enlightenment you may have in regards to pulling a crowd of SSiWers together for a some sustenance at the Eisteddfod, then please post them here!

Once we have a map of the Maes we’ll be able to better plan. But let’s make it happen! :slight_smile:


Emma and I will be there :smile:


I’ll be there pretty much every day and registered as a volunteer


I also will be there every day, and plan to volunteer. I have a bothy booked at Llanddoged, which would be about 3 miles or so from the maes, maybe a bit more. I’m planning to walk to and from.
There is room for one other person, or possibly 2, if anyone would like to share. The bothy sleeps 4. It’s rough and ready but cute and has own bathroom, fridge, microwave, kettle but that’s about all. The beds are singles. there are 2 beds in a bedroom and two air beds in a mezzanine loft, up a ladder. I think. Anyway, if anyone is interested in sharing, please message me. I have one Welsh friend staying two or three nights. So room for one or 2 more people. Women would be best, because of the bothy’s size.


Is anyone thinking of going to any of the shows that have just been advertised? I’m going to book some but it would be nice to have some company if anyone is thinking of booking too.


@catrinlliarjones, maybe it’s too early, maybe not but could you take a poll to find out what day would be best for a majority turn-out? It usually turns out to be the Thursday but you never know.

Once the day is sorted the rest can wait till quite late (as long as the idea is to have an informal meet-up on the maes somewhere).


I have been speaking with Brigitte who is coming with me to the Eisteddfod. I think Brigitte is leaving Wales on the Thursday. If the informal meeting turns out to be Thursday then no worries , Maybe there will still be some of you around to meet on other days. We will wait and see before we think of buying tickets.


Arriving Friday, leaving the following Saturday. Have volunteered for all available slots on the understanding that I get free entry but won’t know when for a few weeks yet. Am up for anytime I’m free. Perhaps we could be doing another WhatsApp group to have mini meetings as and when?


I can see that a WhatsApp (or Telegram etc.) group to keep people in touch would be useful. There is something special about a “Big Get Together” on one day, but at other times there will be probably quite a few of us around and it would be a shame for us all to miss each other when we may only be yards / metres apart!


@brigitte is coming?! Fantastic! I’ve not seen you since our bwtcamp!!


Do you have a link for the list please? :slight_smile:


Think Sunday and Tuesday will be the days we visit. (Tuesday in a wheelchair if we go up Snowdon on Monday morning)


Just about recovered from Yr Wyddfa on Monday!