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Welsh National Eisteddfod Llanrwst, Conwy 2nd - 10/08/2019 General Discussion


Heard on news this morning that there are concerns re safety, insurance and flooding re Llanrwst Eisteddfod site and the venue may need to be changed or expanded.


I’ve just had this in an Eisteddfod email -
Update regarding the 2019 Conwy County National Eisteddfod site

We are planning changes to the site of the Eisteddfod (the Maes) at Llanrwst, after receiving technical reports which raise health and safety concerns regarding part of that site.

The reports detail risks of flooding on the site and it has become apparent that the Eisteddfod could not be insured on the basis of current plans.

As a result, over recent days the Eisteddfod’s Management Board has decided that our plans will be adapted – and reiterated that health and safety is a main priority as we prepare the site and its facilities.

Therefore steps are now being taken which are designed to secure a solution by redesigning the plans for the site, and utilising adjoining land. This work is dependent on discussions with landowners and specialist stakeholders.

If the above plans do not come to fruition, it is possible that we will need to look beyond the current site within the area, and move the Maes in its entirety. Naturally, this is not our favoured option.

We regret that these steps are needed at this point, some months before the Eisteddfod is held. However, as you know, the health and safety of those who are part of the Eisteddfod is paramount, and we are focusing fully on reaching a swift solution.

We will continue to update you as our plans evolve, but if necessary you can contact us by email


Finally got round to booking onto the Cymdeithas camp site a couple of days ago, and now it looks like the whole Eisteddfod might be moving. I can’t help feeling that it’s my fault. Sorry folks. :smirk:


I’m certainly looking sternly in your direction. :slight_smile:


That land is always flooding , especially since they stopped dredging the river. It is a flood plain so you would have thought that it would have been obvious to planners from the start. It would be a big shame if it was moved now after so many people have already booked accommodation and it would be a big loss to the community of Llanrwst . Fingers crossed we get a nice dry summer (you never know , stranger things have happened hehe)



There was a previous message that the Eisteddfod may not take place at the planned location, us there any news please? I booked accom in Betws y Coed ages ago


No, still no definite site, and the tickets go on sale today. According to the Eisteddfod website, they have a ‘clear favoured option’ of staying as close as possible to Llanrwst but they are also looking at back-up options. It’s disappointing, to say the least.


It appears to be driven by a late intervention by the Eisteddfod’s insurer. If the event isn’t covered then it can’t go ahead, obviously.
Nevertheless, it shows an amount of lack of foresight on the part of the Prifwyl, along with a whisper of things to come as insurers become more wary of how climate change may/will lead to ever-unpredictable extremes of weather.


Completely agree with Rob. The Llanrwst area is notorious for flooding. When you add to that the knowledge that weather and terrain conditions have caused the Eisteddfod so many problems in the past, this is very short sighted.

The Eisteddfod will still take place in the general area and I don’t expect it to be much further than 5 miles from the original site in any direction. I’m hoping that some effort will be made by the Eisteddfod to work with local bus companies to provide efficient transport… and after all, problems like this provide perfect opportunities for people to cash in.

This forum is also a great place to advertise lift sharing if you’re stuck.

This map shows a radius of about 7 miles with Llanrwst more or less North West. I’ve heard some say that the Eisteddfod may well chose to go east or south east of Llanrwst because it’s It’s an area with open farm land and less flooding risk - apart from the Denbigh moores. Though the winding and sometimes narrow road from Llanrwst, via Betws y Coed and past Padog and Ysbyry Ifan (where my dad was raised) can be very busy.


By the way, just found that this beauty is still available to rent for the Eiisteddfod week. It would make a great house share for anyone still looking for a group experience!


Has anyone volunteered before at the Eisteddfod? I don’t know if i need to buy a weekly ticket or if I have volunteered for 5 days whether entry on those days would be free. I have managed to get tickets for two of the concerts!


I had free entry on days I volunteered but paid for event tickets.


I am planning to spend the week up in Porthmadog and to visit the Eisteddfod on just a couple of days. (I should be able to stay over with a friend in Abergele if I go 2 days in a row, as it’s closer than Porthmadog). Anyway, I haven’t been to the Eisteddfod before and it would be nice to decide which would be the best 2 days to come along. Any suggestions? I’m sure I’ll be able to meet up with some SSIW’ers but is anything special planned as far as SSIW is concerned?


I live within reasonable travel distance so will do the Eisteddfod for one or two days just as a day visit. If there is to be a SSiW meetup, then I’ll give priority to those days, otherwise the weather will probably be the deciding factor.



Hi, @robbruce,
Have you worked out exactly where the Cymdeithas campsite is in relation to the rest now? We booked there too, as it looked more convenient for walking distance… originally!
I’ve just been having a look at the available info, and presuming that Cymdeithas will be in the same place (they haven’t changed their web page), I think it might be directly over the A470 from the official site. About 20 mins walk from the Maes. Do you agree?
Presumably there will be shuttle buses for all…(?)
Did I get this map right?


I’ve volunteered before and entry is free for the days you volunteer. You get a food voucher if you volunteer for 2 sessions in one day, I believe.
Have you volunteered for this year? Have I missed the chance?? I can’t find any info and I’m wondering if I’ve missed the chance to do it this year.


I tried to put my name down and it seems to have accepted my times but the response was ‘thank you for volunteering for the eisteddfod Cardiff 2018’ ! Anyway I emailed and they said I had probably used an old link and that details of volunteering would be put on the website by the end of the week - that was two weeks ago…so the answer is I don’t really know if I’ve volunteered or not!


Yes, I think you’re spot on. I would imagine you/we/anyone could easily sneak onto the shuttle buses, unless there’s some kind of wristband system, which I doubt. I’m bringing bikes to keep my options open, and as a family we’re certainly not averse to the odd 1 mile stroll (we clocked up over twenty thousand steps a day during a recent trip to Paris!)
The other thing to add is that Maes B will be a short walk in the other direction at the other end of that unclassified road that runs from the Cymdeithas site up to the B4527 Nebo road.


What link did you use? The only link I see is

but when I click on the link to this page

it only says

Oops! We couldn’t find the page…

Drinking and breweries comes to mind.