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Welsh speaking areas (south)


Hey Folks!
My wife and I are living in the Cynon Valley (Mountain Ash) and we are wondering what would be the closest town to drive to where Welsh is abundantly spoken?
In other words how far West would we need to drive before we could walk around town and strike up conversations in Welsh without getting blank looks or “oh I only speak tipyn bach Welsh sorry”
I’m thinking maybe Carmarthen…Llanelli?
Diolch Pawb!


Rhydaman maybe? That kinda area definitely!


I’d say the nearest place to you say 6 days a week that I know of might be Café (Canolfan) Soar in Merthyr. There will be cafe’s closer than that. Also Ty Tawe in Swansea. Regarding actually in the street, for pot luck I’d go for Swansea Valley and tributaries or furter west/north. To be 100% confident, try Llandysul.


Just looked, Ystalyfera and Cwm Twrch are closer, they’re definitely Welsh speaking.


Yeah seems strange to me, as that’s my local area. I suppose because I’m generally rushing through. Probably need to slow down and give it a chance. You are right though as my ex colleague lives there and speaks Welsh as default language.


Incidentally, I’ll be working in Kidwelly on Tuesday night, so I might stop off somewhere in the evening in search of Cymraeg. Any suggestions? Will it be Welsh speaking all the way from Crosshands? Sorry to but in. :blush: