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What are the challenges for Welsh societies in America/Canada?


Hey! That would be awesome! We could meet and chat. Practice our Welsh. :slightly_smiling_face:


Croeso yr ffwrm, Mikeavi! Glad you found your way here as it’s a great place filled with amazing people! It’s interesting you are moving to Asheville, NC soon. I don’t know if he is still on this forum but @johnowen lives in Asheville and fluent. Perhaps you can PM him and see if he’s still around.

If you’re ever free at 7PM on Thursday nights, you’re welcome. We’re mostly beginner’s and intermediates. We take our time, but have a lot of fun.


I’m still around, but on the periphery mainly. I’m excited about the prospect of another Welsh speaker in Asheville.

How is your Welsh coming along, Delaware?


Efallai i chi i gyd yn siarad yn y Cymraeg dros gwrw dda, yn fuan? Byddai hynny’n hwyl!`

I try and spend at least 30 minutes a day learning/practicing speaking. I know a lot, but then I watch a rhaglen Cymreig and I understand about 20%-30%. Mostly it’s learning new words and Welsh colloquialisms. If you have time any Thursday from 7-8PM, you are always welcome to join. You would be an asset!