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What are the problems? What needs to happen differently?


I don’t think you NEED to anywhere actually, as all the Welsh speak English as a second language even if their first language is Welsh, so the need is not there. However the need in a moral and cultrual sense is there.


Added to the fact that Welsh is only spoken by a very small number of people in a small area of an even smaller country dominated by a country with one of the most international languages in the world. Those are the facts, sad or unfair as they may be. And Wales is in an even worse position than other countries in that regard.


Must put in a word for the Welsh in Patagonia where very few speak English although, of course, their situation us broadly similar as they all speak Spanish as a second language


Did I read somewhere that all schools in Wales are to start teaching Welsh to first language level in the next two or three years or is it just a certain number of them?


Yes, I think that I heard that too


This is the story