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What are your favourite words in Welsh?


Not a single word, but I rather like the phrase dwn i’m – such a short way to say “I don’t know”!


My phrase for that was ‘wn i ddim’!


This is mine, too! :slight_smile:


Awww my Nain had a sbench. I forgot all about that word. Happy days!


I quite appreciate gwerthfawrogi too. :slight_smile:


Has anyone mentioned ‘ofnadwy’?


My very favourite random word is ‘ysglyfaeth’ (meaning ‘prey’), because it rolls around the mouth so beautifully! (And leads on to ‘ysglyfaethus’, another lovely one which has a variety of meanings…)

The other one is ‘diwrnod’, ever since I first noticed how my youngest daugther said it very soon after starting in Welsh nursery school. I still can’t hope to match it - how a 3-year-old can so complelety pick up the essence of a language!


Lovely question :heart:

One of my favourite words is crampog, which I think is pancake. And sbwriel (bin?).


Talking of rubbish, I also love ‘rwtsh llwyr’, complete rubbish. It feels really nice to say, and you can deliver it with utter disdain and the rolling of eyes!


I believe it’s rather the “litter, rubbish, trash” which goes inside that bin :slight_smile:


Speaking of which, “trash” is a good old English word (going back at least to Elizabethan days), and not, as may be thought, an “Americanism”. (sorry to go off-topic).


Funnily enough, one of the reasons I like sbwriel is because of the french word poubelle!


An even closer French word to sbwriel is pourriel which is a suggested neologism for “spam” (unsolicited commercial/bulk email), from pourri “rotten, decayed” and courriel “email”, itself from courrier électronique “electronic mail”.


The musician Gai Toms called his record label Sbensh… because he lives in Tanygrisiau. Absolutely true.


Was going to make that very point. The opening lyrics to the song Graffiti Cymraeg by Gai’s former group Anweledig are

Ges i ngeni ym Mangor
Ges i 'm magi mewn Sbensh


They certainly are, and that was the first time I came across the word sbensh!

… and also, one of the albums he did with another of his groups, Mim Twm Llai, was called O’r Sbensh. :slight_smile:


So so many words, two that spring to mind:


very similar to @Deborah-SSiW’s reason for loving her word. It’s the feel of it.

Boncyff is Emma’s favourite word.


Reminds me of ‘bonclust’, another wonderful word.


Oh, how could I forget! Mabolgampau


My first memory of the word ‘gwobr’ was from my older daughter when she was in year one - one day she came bouncing out of school in a state of highest excitement: “Mummy Mummy I won a gwobr!!!”, “Oh, well done, er, what’s a gwobr?”, “I don’t know!!!” (hop hop, celebrate anyway…)
We went home and looked it up, and were none the wiser!