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What are your favourite words in Welsh?


Ling di long is also the name of a Chinese restaurant in Lampeter, this is the name that won the competition they ran many years ago to find a good name for the restaurant, and I was tickled when I found this out so I like this phrase too!


I love the nasal nature of some of the gog pronunciation. Like “un” for example. Also, words that end in -ol and -o.

Probably because they feel the most “Cymraeg” to me, furthest from my English accent.


Gog is growing on me too - Rhian Haf doing the weather, was something I used to find a challenge (to me she epitomises the accent that comes into my mind when I think gog). Now I love it - my favourite weather words are ones that she always uses - sbeidiau and mymryn o.

We even say Llefrith in the house now (for a bit of fun really) after seeing it in Porthmadog.


If you like the Gog accent have a look at garddio a mwy, there are still a couple of episodes on iPlayer I believe.


I googled Garddio a mwy and there’s a good number of what may be parts of episodes available on S4C.


The original Aukland (in County Durham) possibly has Celtic routes, according to this link:


There’ll be a ‘Garddio a Mwy’ Christmas special coming up soon, so keep a look out for that! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip-off @siaronjames. I’ll keep an eye out. (Even though most of it currently goes over my head mainly because of some of the pace of delivery!)


About a year before I started SSiW, I had a Surface Languages Welsh app to my phone. I always enjoyed the way the word “drwg” was said. It can be said in such a sad way! Silff ben tan is another favourite (mantelpiece - ‘shelf at the head of the fire’).


I like the sound of “y llall”. Also I like the place name “Llanllwch”. I have a mental picture of myself going to the record office in Carmarthen and asking to see the parish registers for Llanfihangel Aberbythych.


Rhagolygon y tywydd… I love the sound of these words…and perhaps because I had difficulty pronouncing them at first.

Margaret, Swistir


Gog grows on everyone in the end… :wink:


My favourite word is yn wahanol



I like dros nos. Always feel proud when I pick it out on radio cymru


I’d like to add tywyllwch.
“Eisteddodd Mog yn y tywyllwch a meddwl am bethau tywyll.” This comes from “Mog Y Gath Anghofus.” (Mog The Forgetful Cat.)
To me, it doesn’t quite have the rhythm of the original “Mog sat in the dark and thought dark thoughts.” Still, the words sound wonderful.


My grandmother had one, too, too. It’s a ‘gogism’, originating from y gair saesneg ‘spence’ (dispensary - a medicine cupboard). I assume it’s not used southside. My family still use it. Once common in NE Wales and (I believe) Sir Fon.


Nope. Cwtsh or Cwtsh dan (y) sdâr is what we would call the cupboard under the stairs - somewhere small and cozy.


My favourite is ‘Bendigedig’. It’s onomatapaeic in that it sounds and feels wonderful to say. As well as individual words there are some marvellously descriptive phrases in Welsh. My current fave is ‘Reis a Chips’ to mean bisexual. Superb! I got this from an online Rhegiadur (don’t look if your easily offended!). Also, ‘rhoi’r ffidl ar y to’, ‘dim gobaith vaneri’ ac ‘rhechan fel ci dafaid ar jaen gwta’.


Diolch, Rob. Cwtch - a cuddle in the cupboard, then!


Gogs were a bit surprised at first to hear, “Oh, I’ll put that in the cwtch!” For a just-removed coat!