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What are your favourite words in Welsh?


So sorry I know my little app is full,of errors! I should have told you all that it was the app that gave me wordy for eiriog and gave eira for snowy!


Another fairly easy to remember example for the difference in “y” is the word ysbyty - hospital.


I always explain how to pronounce ‘y’ using ‘mynydd’ and ‘mynyddoedd’. It’s really simple once you know. :slight_smile:


Of the words I’ve learned on SSiW, maybe Siglo, to shake. Just hearing it makes me want to dance. :slight_smile:


However, many Welsh speakers seem to break, or at least bend this “rule”.
(IIRC, mostly southern speakers).

It could be just my ears playing tricks, of course. Hard to tell sometimes.

But it’s made me wonder if there are more subtleties to the rule that is normally quoted, i.e. exceptions under certain circumstances.


There are local varients on a very small scale. Gower, not any longer very Welsh speaking, used ways all its own of prouncing names like Penmaen. I know there are different dialects along some valleys, but I am no expert. In English, we had a chap in the village who was an expert on local variations . Port Talbot was one he used in a poem.


Tylluan, gair hyfryd!


New to here and looking forward to speeding up my learning of Welsh. My favourite word so far is ‘twmpathau’ as seen on many road signs for a bumpy road, I just love the sound of it!


Probably going to be childish and say that ‘moron’ (carrot) still amuses me.


Can be “Möhre” in German, but I don’t know if there is a connection.


Do you have favourite words/phrases that you love to say? I love: Am biti mis. Bach yn yr afach. Mae dal eisiau fi wella. (Excuse the probable misspellings!).


Mae hynny’n dibynnu. :smile:


@mary-5, I like gwbl dwp…I find it describes me perfectly at times :smile:

I also like llynci mul as a fantastic idiom to say sulking!

Rich :slight_smile:


@mary-5 You may also be interested in this older thread asking the same question - it runs to 130 posts!


Good thought AlanP. I’ve moved Mary’s thread so she/we can see all the other suggestions. :smile:


(looks at song title) Oh, this is pretty. Is it someone’s name?
(Googles lyrics) Wait, what? That isn’t right, is it…?
(double-checks) Poison. The pretty word means ‘poison’.


@meowmocha I had the same experience when I discovered Alffa!

Cerddoriaeth is by far my number one, and I think it is ever so much more beautiful and musical than “music.”


My favourite word is ‘diddorol’ because it’s interesting.


:smile: Da iawn - that’s very good

Rich :wink:


Sef for: that is ie, that’s, etc.

Now that I’ve discovered it, I feel that I also need to use it in English, at least with Welsh speakers, as it is so concise. :slight_smile: