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What are your favourite words in Welsh?


I don’t have a favourite though it’s fun to say “hoffi coffi” and “gwych” brings back memories of writing lots of sgwrs in Welsh lessons at school at at one time my friend/cousin and I just kept writing “gwych” and it made us laugh. Kids right! :rofl: I don’t like the word “archfarchnad” It doesn’t sound right to say. Sorry to be negative. I also like saying “Dw I wedi anghofio”
I don’t have a favourite English word and I’m still learning cymraeg so that’s my excuse :slight_smile:


One I just discovered: Clats, for claggy mud stuck to your boots. I cant believe you’ve borrowed that from Geordieland, reit? :grinning:




As always, I don’t really have favourites, but these are some words I like.

Pardon the vanity, but I quite like my own formal name in Welsh: Mihangel
And thanks to a kind Welsh friend, I recently learned:

haf bach (gŵyl) Mihangel : a period of summery weather usually occurring around Michaelmas, 29th September (lit. little summer of Michaelmas) .

(What we normally call in English an Indian Summer, which expression I gather comes from North America).


Just learned ych-a-fi from the show “Keeping Faith”. It’s my favorite today


I’d subscribe to Say Something in Geordie lol.


I use ”ynys” for myself because of the movie “the secret of roan inish” :woman_shrugging:t2:Not a clue that will work for everyone I’m sure.


That’s something all Welsh people say even those who don’t speak Welsh.
I just learnt llond llaw go iawn and that’s my favourite phrase so far.


Without any fear of contradiction “sboncen” is the best word. It sounds very saucy for something so uncontroversial


I don’t want to use it. Was asking people on a Facebook group for an alternative :rofl:


How about “anllythyrol”?

I listened to a podcast and that was the only word that was unsure of. I checked it out later and found that it meant uneducated or illiterate. I wish I hadn’t checked now :slight_smile:


Just found this chart of Welsh words for Halloween. I really love “bwci bo”! (bogeyman)! :rofl:


Oh, as it’s Halloween, I’ll go for “Ysbryd Glan”


Flipping through grammar for something else & found a section that said “chdi” was a common form of ti in the North. It’s fun to say.