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What can SSiW do to help learners/societies in US/Canada?


I’ve got some opening lines of thought here, but I think a thread where you can throw in your ideas would be a hugely valuable way to open up more creativity - sometimes we’ll need to say that we can’t manage a particular idea, but even when we can’t do it now, every single idea will be valuable in helping shape what we try to do in the future… :slight_smile:

So, my first thoughts:

  • playful ways to help people learn a few words (more very soon!)

  • SSiW lessons for particular Cymanfa Ganu hymns

  • SSiW lessons for ‘handy to be able to say at NAFOW’ stuff

  • bootcamps/intensive courses in the U.S./Canada

  • timezone friendly stuff in WSP and for the 6 month/2 year courses

  • promotion of active Welsh societies/meetups in the U. S./Canada to new SSiW learners from over the pond

  • FB promotion to potential new learners over there (with a view to feeding them through to existing societies/meetups)

  • story-telling about what’s happening over there for audiences in Wales

and, um, er… no, that’s it, my brain’s dry for now.

If you could choose only one of those, which would it be?

And how many other ideas can you add to the pile? :slight_smile:

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I can’t just pick one, sorry! I like them all, but I would LOVE bootcamps here, and I also would love promotion/formation of Welsh societies/SSi meetups. I will think of ideas to add to the pile, but I am flat out busy right now…I’ll have more time next week, gobeithio! :slight_smile:


Diolch! No rush - we’ve got plenty here to keep us going for years - but it would be great to have a regular flow of suggestions going on… :slight_smile:


Over the last year, at two of our meetings, I’ve lead an SSi-style interactive lesson. The first was on the weather, where we got to learn fun phrases like “Mae’n bwrw llwch” (my best guess for a weather phenomenon that was unfamiliar to all of us - there were wildfires in the area, and it was raining ash), and the second was on food, where we learned the handy phrase “Dw i bron â llwgu, ga i bysgod a sglods, plîs?” (I’m starving, can I have fish & chips, please?"). So I’m all for playful ways to learn a few words.

And bootcamp would be cool, although I wonder how much it would miss out by not being embedded in a community with native Welsh speakers…

So… when I look at that list, the first “pick one” thing that pops is “promotion of active Welsh societies/meetups”… but now that I say that - via what platform? Certainly a first step would be having a resource on the Forum where learners could easily find Welsh societies in their area, or where they may be travelling.


Some geolocation magic would be very lovely one of these days…


This is one of the projects in my bucket to create a spreadsheet of Welsh interest groups. Have had good initial results from online queries.


Embed native Welsh speakers in your community perhaps? Bound to people who’d jump at the chance for a week’s holiday in the States for the price of having to speak their native language for a week!

Bit like this perhaps?

Or this one?

Or this one?

Or this one?


Example one above ( is literally a spreadsheet turned into a website hosted for free on github, meaning it’s super simple and super, super cheap to run i.e. free


You can read about example 2 (the one) in this forum post:

There’s not an issue with lack of tech for stuff like this, it’s down to a lack of people able to contribute time to running and managing it


Hey, That’s you! Ardderchog! Great platform you’ve built. Simple, clean…a work of art. I’m in the United States, and work Cyber Security, so I can appreciate good code.


I am torn between bootcamps here and promoting more active meetups and societies.

I have been looking for people in the US who are learning Welsh and looking to work on speaking it here in Texas, and so far the closest I have found is the Texas Welsh Society in Austin…4 hours away.

But I am always so jealous of the bootcamps that are just not financially feasible because of travel.


Programmer here, but also keep finding myself pulled into cyber security work because I have the certifications. I’m over here in Huntsville, AL.


Be sure you’ve checked our map, too - there might be someone closer. Plus there’s always the option of joining an online chat - or starting one - via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc…


I checked the map and I think I only saw someone in Florida, but it was also being kinda wonky on my phone (signal is dismal in my works break room), because I just can’t believe the only Welsh Learners in the US are all clustered in Florida LOL.

I am looking to join a chat, that actually my main push to join the forum was to look for online chats :slight_smile:


Worth having a look at too, then :slight_smile:


I would choose a US bootcamp, hands down. Any good way to connect with Welsh learners in particular geographic areas? Sorry if this is retread info…I am a newbie. Thanks!!


I am a learner in the Southwest region of the US, Arizona specifically. That said, I would love to hear if a US based boot camp is established. My long term goal is, of course, the boot camp in Wales, but would love to hear if this is a future option ;))


Hi Kathryn,

I’m new to the forum, but am an online learner in South Central Texas. Maybe we can be email pals?