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What can SSiW do to help learners/societies in US/Canada?


I see opportunities to add grammar tips that come up in the audio that could be referenced to sections in the Routledge grammar. Can I (or you) note them?


I’m late to this conversation, but I love all of these ideas. While I’d love to have bootcamps available, especially if native or near-native speakers could be involved somehow, I suspect it would still be a time issue for me unless it happened in my city. I think the WSP option with a North America friendly time would be very useful, and it would be great to have local/regional meetups to practice and support one another - maybe with the option of logging into to WSP as a group and having a group chat with native and fluent speakers in Wales.


We’re kind of ‘pretty cold’ on grammar… :wink:


Um translate cold on grammar? You have it cold? You don’t want to worry about it? You are allergic to it? It gives you a cold? If you don’t like it can we have a “safe space” on the forum for those of us who find it helps us learn? Or is there one already?