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What emotions have you experienced while learning Welsh?


That’s one of the most interesting posts on the forum this decade… :slight_smile:

If you ever happen to find that article again, I’d be HUGELY interested!


Welcome to the forum! And thank you - for sharing this, and also for learning our language - it really means a HUGE amount… :slight_smile:

If you have some recalcitrant locals, try to get ‘Paid siarad Saesneg efo fi!’ onto the tip of your tongue, and fire it off at the least excuse…:wink:


I’ve tried! Considering I had major baby brain at the time I stumbled across it, I’m fairly chuffed that I remembered anything about it at all. (Go me :slight_smile:)


Really just asking so that you (or anyone else who sees any similar work) will be more likely to think ‘Oh, that stuff Aran was moaning about wanting to read’…:wink:


Da iawn ti! You have passed me completely!


Eyes peeled! Promise. :eye::eye:[quote=“henddraig, post:66, topic:9176”]
Da iawn ti!

Diolch Henddraig! Brain has turned into some sort of slop as a result, but the dog has come on in leaps and bounds with her Welsh comprehension. :joy:


Feeling really annoyed and frustrated, having just tried to do Level 2 Challenge 15 (where did this ‘taw’ come from?). I have had a couple of breaks recently, for one thing and another, so that doesn’t help, but I feel I’m never going to do it. Perhaps I’m having an off-day but I felt like throwing my phone across the room!
I’m definitely going to have to redo it as I don’t think anything went in :frowning:


We all have tough days - just a natural part of life’s ebb and flow - don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe have one extra run-through, but then move on (and remember that it always feels a bit tougher for a lesson or two after a break, before you reactivate the older stuff) :slight_smile:


Pulling my hair, frequently eating savagely, and doing ill disciplined things with my nose. Guess I’m mega frustated.


Sounds like it! How far have you got with the course? :slight_smile:


I’m hovering on C1 ch 10 gathering all around me to try for your suggested run to 15 flat out. Still waiting for the magic mind,


Sorry for the id difference. My son had borrowed my pad on a weekend visit. I recommended he try a course with you.

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So @roger-3 or @keith-17! - tell me a little bit about what’s happening in Challenge 10 for you… are you getting any of them? How much are you using the pause button? And have you been repeating challenges so far, or are you taking on the run to 15 without repeating? :slight_smile: