What's outside


It looks positively balmy down there but it’s grim up here on the Border.


Have you got snow, Doug. We just had a minor flurry.


Not yet John, just sleet last night and ice this morning.


Not much snow here, but very cold and icy conditions and dramatic skies.


Not a day for driving cars out of carparks, eh? :heart: :joy:


A couple of Cumbric-named places that I visited last weekend in E Cumbria (NW England)
Lanercost Priory (Lanerc as Welsh Llanerch)

The Nent Valley (Nant)


mae na’ lawer o eira yma bore ma - there is plenty of snow here this morning.

Cheers J.P. (looking for spring). :smile:


Heddiw - today.

Aderyn du gyda mynydd bwyd - black bird with food mountain.

Camlas gyda rhew - Canal with ice.

Cheers J.P.


Ger tua Gollewyn o Gairfyrddin.
Near (West of) Carmarthen.


Sorry, I didnt think to mention, its just over the hill from the University, where the SSi party was last year. So its a new road dropping back down from the Uni to the Cattle Market and Show ground on the road to St Clears.


Ah…try 113f or 45c and humid… Uffern :sweat::hot_face:


Dim diolch! Is that normal weather or unusual for where you are? :sweat:

By contrast, right now it is 23F/-3C, with 20-25 mph (32-40 kph) winds, so it feels like 8F/-13C :cold_face: It’s going to be this windy all day :wind_face:


Wow. Where are you, Sean?


And here it is just COLD. Not as bad as last week, but today about 14F (-10C) with a wind chill about 3F (-16C), but since we had freezing rain a few days ago, the trees have been really pretty in the sunlight!

(click to embiggen!)


It’s becoming what seems to be regular new summer patterns, according to the meteorologists.
Did anyone see this article last year?


…and now I know the time difference is approximately eleven hours. Good to know for Slack.


That was a frightening read! Stay cool and be careful!


Today is a lovely 25c/77f in comparison to last week. There are raging floods and fires eldewhere.


Glad the weather is better now…stay away from the rest! Too bad the raging floods can’t be used to put out the fires!


Part of the problem in two states is that the fires are threatening the drinking-water storage by way of run-off carrying ash and debris. We are awaiting delivery of a Royal Doulton water filtration system :+1: