What's outside


Heddiw - today yn Australia:

And turning directly around 180 degrees:


Ah sorry. I hope I didn’t wake you.


:wink: I’m old enough to turn my devices off when sleeping :wink:


Penrhiwllan near Newcastle Emlyn Ceridigion today. Plenty of Welsh conversations with the tarmac gang. They can see the difference in my Welsh from last autumn :smiley:


Heddiw - today.

Llygaid ebrill - Lesser celandine. (hoping spring will be on time this year).

Cheers J.P.


Meanwhile, in Australia
Wy is it really that hot :rage:

We stuck a candy-thermometer in — we could only dig down about 2 inches and it read about 200 degrees Celsius within 30 seconds, and then it just melted the glass."


I’m cenfigennus (jealous) of your flowers, @ramblingjohn - it’s snowing here now, we are going to get 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) and then it’s going to turn to sleet/freezing rain, and then rain. Diflas! (Miserable!)

@Sean-O I’m in awe of your egg. I couldn’t “like” your post because there’s nothing to like about frying eggs on the ground. Mae hynny’n ddiflas, hefyd :frowning_face: (That’s miserable, too!)

Edited to add: I just read the article - spontaneous combustion! Wow! I think I would move somewhere else!!!


Welcome to crematoria…


You are a braver soul than I… :hot_face:


We look forward to being transported with joy sometime in the not too distant future.
Last night we even needed a duvet…:hushed:


…and back to allan heddiw…
We enjoy our little black bird and his annual clutch. A little audio taste of home for us both. He sings beautifully and comes to show off his younglings when they are old enough.


We seem to be over a month behind you.

The croci must have self-seeded; I certainly haven’t planted them.