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What's outside


Heddiw - today yn Australia:

And turning directly around 180 degrees:


Ah sorry. I hope I didn’t wake you.


:wink: I’m old enough to turn my devices off when sleeping :wink:


Penrhiwllan near Newcastle Emlyn Ceridigion today. Plenty of Welsh conversations with the tarmac gang. They can see the difference in my Welsh from last autumn :smiley:


Heddiw - today.

Llygaid ebrill - Lesser celandine. (hoping spring will be on time this year).

Cheers J.P.


Meanwhile, in Australia
Wy is it really that hot :rage:

We stuck a candy-thermometer in — we could only dig down about 2 inches and it read about 200 degrees Celsius within 30 seconds, and then it just melted the glass."


I’m cenfigennus (jealous) of your flowers, @ramblingjohn - it’s snowing here now, we are going to get 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) and then it’s going to turn to sleet/freezing rain, and then rain. Diflas! (Miserable!)

@Sean-O I’m in awe of your egg. I couldn’t “like” your post because there’s nothing to like about frying eggs on the ground. Mae hynny’n ddiflas, hefyd :frowning_face: (That’s miserable, too!)

Edited to add: I just read the article - spontaneous combustion! Wow! I think I would move somewhere else!!!


Welcome to crematoria…


You are a braver soul than I… :hot_face:


We look forward to being transported with joy sometime in the not too distant future.
Last night we even needed a duvet…:hushed:


…and back to allan heddiw…
We enjoy our little black bird and his annual clutch. A little audio taste of home for us both. He sings beautifully and comes to show off his younglings when they are old enough.


We seem to be over a month behind you.

The croci must have self-seeded; I certainly haven’t planted them.



I noticed these frogs - brogaod, in our garden pond this morning.


Nice pic @dougewart I heard them in our pond for the first time this year today too. They were being very shy though.


Yes they’re croaking away here too.


Frogs yesterday; frog spawn - grifft broga, today!!


Neithiwr, oedd hi’n bwrw eira yma eto. Mae fy ngŵr i yn mynd i rofio’r rhodfa nawr. Dw i’n moyn gwanwyn!

Last night it snowed here again. My husband is going to shovel the driveway now. I want spring!

Question - I took a shot at “shovel the driveway” using a dictionary, but I have no idea if that’s how anyone in Wales would actually say it. Correction appreciated!


Cheating slightly, but personally I’d probably play safe and go for the “clirio” verb. Only because I know that it is common use for “to clear”.

Not to say that your suggestion isn’t valid, as I would be guessing.


Grêt, diolch! I’d like to sound as natural as possible, and frankly, “rofio’r rhodfa” is a bit of a mouthful! :joy:


Ah…I’ve looked that up…lots of choices!:
Verb : rofiem, rofia, rofia’, rofiaf, rofiai, rofiais, rofiaist, rofian, rofiant, rofiasai, rofiasant, rofiodd, rofiasem, rofiasent, rofiasid, rofiasit, rofiasoch, rofiasom, rofiaswn, rofid, rofiech, rofied, rofiom, rofien, rofient, rofier, rofies, rofiest, rofiet, rofiff, rofio, rofioch, rofi, rofiasech, rofion, rofiont, rofir, rofith, rofiwch, rofiwn, rofiwyd, rofiwyf, rofiych, rhofiem, rhofia, rhofia’, rhofiaf, rhofiai, rhofiais, rhofiaist, rhofian, rhofiant, rhofiasai, rhofiasant, rhofiodd, rhofiasem, rhofiasent, rhofiasid, rhofiasit, rhofiasoch, rhofiasom, rhofiaswn, rhofid, rhofiech, rhofied, rhofiom, rhofien, rhofient, rhofier, rhofies, rhofiest, rhofiet, rhofiff, rhofio, rhofioch, rhofi, rhofiasech, rhofion, rhofiont, rhofir, rhofith, rhofiwch, rhofiwn, rhofiwyd, rhofiwyf, rhofiych
Try getting that in English :zipper_mouth_face: