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What's outside


FABULOUS photo, John! However did you get it!


One of those lucky moments that happen if i carry the camera often.

Heddiw - today.

Pengwin - Penguin.

Cheers J.P.


Ymwelydd syndod yn yr ardd heddiw!!! :slight_smile:

Gwenci!! :slight_smile: Ond dw i ddim yn meddwl bod y llygoden coed yn hapus fel fi :frowning:


I was so busy cooing over the cute weasel, it took a minute before I noticed the unfortunate rodent in its jaws. But after living in a place that had mice, I’m siding with the predator.


Heddiw - Today.

Catkins Collen - Hazle catkins.

Blodau Collen - Hazle flowers.

Eirlys - snowdrops.

Cheers J.P.


I’m jealous John! My snowdrops won’t be up for another couple months!


I saw this creature this morning; I don’t know who this is but he seems to have woken up too early.



I think it might be an Angle Shades moth caterpillar. They spend the winter as caterpillars. :slight_smile: According to Iolo that would be: Gwyfyn llenni crychlyd (Crinkly curtain moth!!!) :joy:


Seconded: it’s one species that is recorded all year round
but mostly from May to October.

Heddiw gwiwir lwyd - grey squirrel today.

Cheers J.P.