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What's outside


FABULOUS photo, John! However did you get it!


One of those lucky moments that happen if i carry the camera often.

Heddiw - today.

Pengwin - Penguin.

Cheers J.P.


Ymwelydd syndod yn yr ardd heddiw!!! :slight_smile:

Gwenci!! :slight_smile: Ond dw i ddim yn meddwl bod y llygoden coed yn hapus fel fi :frowning:


I was so busy cooing over the cute weasel, it took a minute before I noticed the unfortunate rodent in its jaws. But after living in a place that had mice, I’m siding with the predator.


Heddiw - Today.

Catkins Collen - Hazle catkins.

Blodau Collen - Hazle flowers.

Eirlys - snowdrops.

Cheers J.P.


I’m jealous John! My snowdrops won’t be up for another couple months!


I saw this creature this morning; I don’t know who this is but he seems to have woken up too early.



I think it might be an Angle Shades moth caterpillar. They spend the winter as caterpillars. :slight_smile: According to Iolo that would be: Gwyfyn llenni crychlyd (Crinkly curtain moth!!!) :joy:


Seconded: it’s one species that is recorded all year round
but mostly from May to October.

Heddiw gwiwir lwyd - grey squirrel today.

Cheers J.P.


My usual walk along the river bank is under about 17ft of water in places and the river is still rising, so I kept to the road side this afternoon.

This shows the Tweed from the middle of Norham Bridge looking south towards Lloegr (England).

Not sure which country Canny Island is in as it is right on the Border, but looking west from the bridge, Yr Alban (Scotland) is on the right the right of the island.

Looking east, you might be able to pick out the keep of Norham Castle showing just above the trees immediately to the left of the house on the right side of the photo. You will have to enlatge the picture.


Heddiw - Today.

Cwpanau Tylwyth Teg - Scarlet elf caps.

Cheers J.P.


Only the snowdrops here seem to be able to stand up to all this wind and rain. Oh, and the moss that seems to have replaced most of the grass.


I took my granddaughter out for a walk and came back like this.


Today - Heddiw.

Cennin pedr - Daffodils.

Blodau draenen ddu - Blackthorn blossom.

Cheers J.P.


Heddiw - Today.

Grifft broga/llyffant - Frog spawn.

Briallu - primroses.

Llygad ebrill - Lesser celandine.

Cheers J.P.


heddiw, oedd dydd iawn - Today was a very good day.

Madfall - common lizard.

Neidr y gwair - Grass snake.

Neidr ddefaid - slow worm.

Gwiber - Adder.

Cheers J.P.


Ffotos rhyfeddol! - Really great photos, J.P.!


Aww, cute little lizard.
I’m now curious how that one species got its name. Neidr ddefaid… sheep snake.


Not an uncommon sight around here, but it is unusual to find a Pheasant - Ffesant wandering around the garden. Dw i ddim yn byw mewn plas.


The answer seems to be , they were common in dry stone walls surrounding sheep.

Heddiw - today.

Blodyn y gwynt - wood anemone.

Mantell garpiog - comma.

Pryf cacwn - Bee fly.

In line with the current situation, perhaps this thread should be what’s in
your garden. stay safe and we will enjoy the great outdoors when
normality returns.

Cheers J.P.