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What's outside


Thank you for the photos. Stay safe xx


There was a random sapling in blossom, so I took a picture of it.

The garden/park area by my local library. (Before said library closed. :frowning:)




Heddiw - Today.

Carn yr ebol - Colt’s foot.

Mantell paun - peacock.

Trilliw bach - Tortoiseshell.

Cheers J.P.


Llygoden coed yn fy ngardd :slight_smile:


I noticed a number of different birds when out working in the garden today. This sample is based on those which I managed to get in focus.

Goldfinch Nico

Chaffinch Ji-binc

Green Finch Llinos Werdd


Having been grounded for over two weeks I have been nowhere and met no-one. Now I have a raised temperature and a headache so the restrictions are about to get tighter. I decided to take my mind off it all by taking pictures of the birds in our garden this morning. Here are some of them.


The other mwyalchen

Robin goch


Nico eto

Aderyn y To efo mwsogl

Golfan y Mynydd

Golfan y Mynydd eto

Titw Tomos Las



I noticed that the English name which comes up when scrolling over your pictures of Golfan y Mynydd is ‘Hedge Sparrow’.
As boys we always thought the Dunnock - Llwyd y Gwrych was a Hedge Sparrow and that is still how it is known in this area. Not that any of this really matters, it’s just good to see so many species.
Great pictures, all the birds, including Hedge Sparrows, seem to take off whenever I point a camera at them.


My mother was a keen bird watcher and she reckoned that sparrows, of either sort, have blunt beaks for eating seeds, etc. but the dunnock has a slim beak related to its different diet.
Sorry to be so brief; I now have a temperature of 39C and a pulse rate of 100 and am going back to bed.
Keep out of the way of COVID-19.


Diolch @yorkshireend . Dw i’n gobeithio bod ti’n teimlo 'n wella yn fuan.


I’m lucky to be able to walk out of the house and over a field to the river. I spotted this Pied Wagtail - Siglen Fraith looking for insects on the Glebe.

and this Swan - Alarch Dof on the far side of the river.

Sorry about the quality of the photos but the birds were quite a long way off. I did take a picture of what I thought was the Little Egret - Creyr Bach which has been seen round here, only to find I had fine portrait of a plastic bag!


Yes @yorkshireend your mum is right, the Hedge Sparrow/Dunnock’s beak Llwyd y Gwrych is much finer.

House Sparrow - Aderyn y To


Heddiw - Today.

Clychau’r gog - Bluebell.

Cheers J.P.


Thank you for the kind wishes. My energy lasts about 10 minutes now and I used it all on one goldfinch in the evening light. Maybe I’ll manage more tomorrow. Anyway, here it is:


Nico eto

Stay safe. COVID-19 is OFNADWY.



So sorry to hear you are ill. Take good care of yourself and get well soon!

I love seeing photos of Welsh birds, they are different than the ones here in America!


Robin - Robin Goch

If I do get a bird in focus I usually manage to get a leaf - deilen in the way.


An unexpected visitor, a Great Spotted Woodpecker - Cnocell Fraith Fwyaf.


Heddiw - today.

Gwyn blaen oren (benywaidd) - (female) orange tip.

Llaeth y caseg - Lady’s smock/cuckoo flower.

Cheers J.P.


My nice builders left a hole in the wall of my new-build house for the house sparrows (adar y to - very appropriate) nesting in the roof.

Now the birds are using my open bedroom window as a perch.

It might be just what the fledgings need, when they pop out of the hole…


Get well soon, Raymond. Love and prayers and many thanks for the great photos.


There are lots of holes in the old walls around the village which the House Sparrows - Adar y To usually use for nest building. I don’t think they’ve all got he hang of this though as this is the second egg - wy I’ve found on one of the garden chairs.

The frogs - brogaod in the garden pond, on the other hand, seem to know where their spawn will thrive.