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And now that the leaves are coming out it will be much more difficult to get a decent picture. There was a long-tailed tit in the same tree as the other pictures but it was always obscured by a leaf or two. No picture, but it was still nice to watch it.


Good to hear from you again. I hope this means you’re getting better.


Yesterday I went for my walk along the river bank in the early evening when the sun was low. I could hear birds singing and pointed my pocket camera in the direction of the song. Because of the light, the colours are unclear so I’m going on the silhouette for identification.

I think, from the shape,that this is probably a Robin - Robin Goch but there is no sign of the distinctive red breast.

This looks like some kind of Tit - Titw, but I can’t narrow it down further with any degree of confidence. Any suggestions for either of these?


The bottom one is a male reed bunting - bras y cyrs :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr @Cetra. I have looked it up in Llyfr Adar gan Iolo Williams and can now see that it is a male reed bunting. This means I can tick this off my list of species seen in the area so that’s good.


Nice one! :slight_smile: I love that book :slight_smile:


Heddiw yn fy ngardd.

Titw Penddu - Coal Tit


Heddiw - Today.

Gwyn blaen oren (gwrywaidd) - (male) orange tip.

Mantell goch - Red admiral.

Pidyn y gog - Lords and ladies/ cuckoos point.

Cheers J.P.


This morning I saw this growing from a tree stump and unknown to me - the stump was most likely from some type of Cupressus

For once I remembered to get a photo of the gills :slightly_smiling_face: unfortunately, though, out of focus … :disappointed: I was suprised how tough it was when trying to dislodge one to turn it upside down for the photo

Hwyl, John


The look and time of year suggest Cyfrwy cennog /Dryad’s saddle.
If i’m right it will be large in a months time,
with a porous undersurface.

Cheers J.P.


Diolch, J.P. - I’ll keep an eye on it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Y bore 'ma - This morning

This Mouse - Llygoden was out enjoying the seeds I’d put out for the ground feeding birds. I may now have to reconsider where I put the bird food, although all wildlife, even creatures considered vermin - pryfetach, do raise the spirits. There must be a Welsh expression for raising one’s spirits.


Iechyd da? :wink:


Probably too early for raising that kind of spirits, but not a bad idea all the same. :clinking_glasses: Iechyd da @SteakAndEggs


I’ve heard ‘codi dy galon’ quite a lot which fits :slight_smile:


Diolch @Deborah-SSi that fits with what I wanted to say.


Heddiw - Today

This wasn’t the shot of a Blue Tit - Titw Tomos Las I was after but, I quite like it.


Neithiwr - Last Night
We used to have some fine specimens of Elm trees - Llwyfen surrounding the churchyard and lining particular named walks/lanes in the village. Sadly they succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease a few years ago and have had to be felled. On a more positive note, however, there is at least one plant surviving in my garden hedge, for some reason my English Bull Terrier (now dead) loved to chew the rough leaves when they emerged, and there are a number of scrappy examples of Wych Elm growing alongside a field drainage ditch.

I took this picture of the distinctive seeds last night on my walk to the river. There are also lichens and wildflowers to identify if you zoom in.


Sadly, I noticed this morning that it’s been pushed over so we won’t get that final confirmation, but I’m quite confident you were right J.P.!


Heddiw - Today.

Gweirloyn brych - Speckled wood.

Oen - Lamb.

Cheers J.P.