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What's outside


The Jackdaw - Jac-y=Do is always around

but it was good to see the Song Thrush - Bronfraith back in the garden and building a nest in the ivy.


Ddoe - Yesterday
I noticed this moth on one of the kitchen windows, so took a picture from inside showing the underside of the insect …

and another from outside which gives the normal view of its back and wings.

I’m hoping @ramblingjohn will be able to identify it.


Brimstone moth - Melyn Y Drain :slight_smile:


Diolch Cetra,
I can see that the colour gives it away.


In the park this frosty morning …

Briallen Fair / Cowslip


Since the lockdown I’ve been trying to identify the plants in Bute Park using a kids book about wild flowers from 1983 that I found in a charity shop. It’s actually going really well and I hope to post here to try and make the names stick! I forgot to take pictures, but I think this is one of Blodyn y Neidr / Red Champion or Red Catchfly:

I wonder if the Welsh name relates to the fact this plant may have been used to treat snake bites (according to wiki)?


Thanks Martin the posts on this thread have certainly increased and reinforced my vocabulary.


Garlleg y Berth / enw Sais yw Garlic Mustard neu Jack by the Hedge / Lladin yw Alliaria petiolata.

Mae planhygion ma yn fwytadwy, medden nhw - ond, sai’n ei hoffi i fod yn onest. Mae’n blasu fel paracetomol heblaw blasu bach o garlleg i fi! They say this plant is edible, but I do not like it to be honest. It tastes like paracetomol except for a small garlic taste to me!


Llwynog yn fy nghardd bore 'ma :slight_smile:


Heddiw - today.

Castanewydden y meirch - Horse chestnut.

Lyndis gwyfyn teigr ol-adain goch - caterpillar of scarlet tiger moth.

Cheers J.P.


I am so glad this thread was mentioned in the newsletter. I love it!


Gorthyfail / enw Sais yw Cow Parsley / Lladin yw Anthriscus sylvestris.


Ddoe - Yesterday

Great Tit - Titw Mawr


Gwlanblu / Enw Sais yw Dandelion Seeds (I think!)


Neithiwr - Last night on the river bank:

White Deadnettle - Marddanhadlen Wen, with Cleavers (known locally as Sticky Willy) - Gwylydd y Perthi and the large leaves and pink flowers of Butterbur - Dail Tryfon.

Greater Stitchwort - Bara Can a Llaeth which, if I’ve learned any Welsh, is White Bread and Milk. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Heddiw - Today.

Mulfran ar camlas - Cormorant on canal.

Rosyn - Rose.

Cheers J.P.


Neithiwr - Last night on the river bank …

Broom - Banadl, with Elder - Ysgawen at the bottom right, by the old fence post, and Hawthorn - Draenen Wen on the upper right.


Neithiwr ar lan yr afon - Last night on the river bank

Chaffinch - Ji-binc
ac yn fy ngardd
Robin Robin - Robin Goch

ond faint o frogaod? - but how many frogs?


Heddiw - Today. copyn alert added.

Dant y llew - dandelions.

Copyn hela - Nursery web spider.

Tarianbryf - sheild bug.

Mursen fawr dywyll - Beautiful demoiselle damselfly.

Cheers J.P.


Why has it taken me so long to look at this thread, I love it. Trying to get words to stick can be tricky though. I need to try more. Diolch. :slight_smile: