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Clychau’r gog :slight_smile:


Hi @jen What about taking some of your own pictures, looking up the Welsh and posting them here?! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ll definitely do that. I have a bird feeder in my garden and see a few. Not many flowers but I’m growing some herbs etc


Look forward to all contributions.

If there is something you don’t know (just ask).

If you make a mistake (we all have and will again)

Remember the theme is (enjoy).

Cheers J.P.


Felly, cawsom ni lwc da iawn ddoe pan i ni agor y cwch gwenyn. Welon ni’r frenhines! Yn y llun ma, mae hi ynghanol ei phlant - allwch chi ei gweld hi? Hefyd, ar y ffram yma, dych chi’n weld gwenyn diog yn dod allan o’i gell (canol dde’r llun); gelloedd magu wedi eu selio (wenyn diog a weithwyr); a mêl (gwaelod chwith).

We got lucky yesterday when we opened the bee hives. We saw the queen! In the picture, she is in the middle of her offspring - can you see her? Also, on this frame, you can see a drone bee (male) emerging from his cell (centre right of the picture); capped brood cells (drone and worker bees); and capped honey (bottom left).


Don’t see these often at my feeder, and this is the first time my camera’s ever been within arms reach!
Cnocell y coed
Not sure though if it’s a Greater Spotted (cnocell fraith fwyaf) or a Lesser Spotted (cnocell fraith leiaf) - it was too quick and not a great angle!


Oes unrhyw un yn gwybod, pa fath o aderyn yw hwn? Clwyais i fe wrth yr afon.
Yn anffodus, allwn i ddim ei weld e. Dw i’n credu, roedd e yn y cyrs. Mae’n ddrwg gyda fi am sŵn y gwynt.
Does anyone know, what sort of bird is this? I heard it by the river. Unfortunately I could not see it. I think that it was in the reeds. I’m sorry about the wind noise.


Nice one Siaron! :slight_smile: You’re very lucky! :slight_smile: Definitely a fwyaf :slight_smile:


very nice! I haven’t heard one of these yet this year! Its a reed warbler - telor y cyrs :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr @Cetra. It has a lovely song.


Wnest ti anghofio’r rhybudd copyn :wink: :joy: :spider:

Wnes i weld llawer o ddant y llew heddiw pan wnes i fynd am dro. Maen nwh’n edrych yr un fath yn union yn America :grin: Bydda i’n dod â fy nghamera tro nesa.

You forgot the spider alert! :wink: :joy: :spider:

I saw a lot of dandelions on my walk today. They look exactly the same in America :grin: I’ll bring my camera next time.

(I think my construction for “exactly the same” is probably wrong…corrections welcome!)


The bain of my life.


Heddiw - today.

Lyndis yfwr gwlith - drinker moth caterpilar.

Llyffant y gwair coch a du - red and black froghopper.

Glesyn y celyn - Holly blue buterfly.

Mursen fawr wych - banded demoiselle damselfly.

Pryf sgorpion - scorpion fly.

Cheers J.P.


Diwrmod da / a good day J.P.! :slightly_smiling_face:


This “Mock Orange” (Philadelphus Inodorus) is right outside my “office” window (in our house) and is about my favorite of springtime blooms. They don’t actually make oranges, but they smell lovely! It has only just begun to bloom. (I’m not sure what the Welsh would be - maybe something like ffug oren?)


The Rowan - Cerdinen which grows by our garden gate.


Mae eira gyda ni heddiw! We had snow squalls on and off all day today! In the NE US, that’s very unusual at this time of year. I tried to get a photo but wasn’t successful. It’s going to be close to freezing tonight :cold_face:


Heddiw - Today.

Gwybedyn mai - May fly.

Cheers J.P.


I was trying to translate what you had written before falling back on reading the English. I was so puzzled that you saw lots of lions on your walk…:rofl::rofl: Now I’ve learned dandelions in Welsh :smile:


Not exactly following the trend for mother nature but as i was wandering around the village taking snaps of all the VE Day flags I was pleasantly surprised to find this little scene two minutes walk from my front door… in deepest Hampshire