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Heddiw - Today.

Gwyfyn teires lleiaf - Lesser treble bar.

Lindys teigr y benfelen - Cinnabar caterpillar.

Mantell paun o dan adain - under wing of peacock.

Picas robin - Robins pincushion.

Cheers J.P.


This cactus only blooms a couple of nights a year. Caught it this morning before it had closed up again completely.


Cachgi bwm


Still very few sitings of butterflies in my garden but I did see a few Small Whites, I think the number of spots on the wings tell me that this is female (benywaidd). I have tried unsuccessfully to find its Welsh name so, if you know, please tell me.


@dougewart It’s Gwyn bach! :slight_smile: And it high time you got yourself a copy of Iolo’s LLyfr Nature methinks! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much @Cetra. I feel rather stupid now as the name is so obvious. I’ll look out for a copy of Iolo’s book it will go nicely with his Llyfr Adar which is always within easy reach of my desk when it isn’t in my pocket.


They’re both great books! I only just got a copy of Llyfr Adar last week and I’m very pleased with it! Llyfr Natur is always within my reach! :slight_smile: