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Ooh that was brill. Couldn’t tell you were nervous, a natural! Da iawn.


Thank you, Ruth! :slight_smile: Probably the best thing about being on the Radio is all the lovely messages that I’ve been getting afterwards!!! :slight_smile: Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:


Well done Cetra. You are very brave and deserve the accolades!


Thank you Karen! :slight_smile:


This is useful :slight_smile: Any advice on when to say pilipala and when to say gloyn byw or are they interchangeable, please? :slight_smile:image


Heddiw - Today.

Cymylau uwch ben to - Clouds above roof.

Cheers J.P.


I’d got the impression that the differing words for butterfly was a regional thing - if there’s a technical difference that would be very helpful to know!
From the heading, I take it that these are all daytime flyers…


I think you can use them both in Swansea.


This post is in the Welsh Speaking Practice thread, but there’s a suggestion to start a photography discussion group, and as many of you are keen photographers, I thought you might be interested.


Heddiw - Today.

Madarch y maes - field mushroom.

Cheers J.P.


Heddiw - today.

Amanita gwridog - the blusher.

Madarch mewndro - Brown rollrim.

Cheers J.P.


Could this be a Parasol Mushroom, Macrolepiota sp?
Mixed woodland, deciduous and pines. Soil probably sandy. The bottom of the stem was swollen but I didn’t see any sign of a volva.
Sorry, couldn’t find a Welsh name.


And this looks like another Madarch mewndro but older, scruffier, and with a lot of staining on the gills.


Seen today on the banks of the River Thames (Afon Tafwys) on Oxford SSiW walk

Pwyswydden - Spindle tree


Amanita’r gwybed
Amanita muscaria
Fly agaric
There was a large group in Bagley Wood, Oxfordshire. Most had been partly eaten.


Beside a hedgerow this a.m.

@ramblingjohn, I know I’ve seen it before but memory fails me :slightly_frowning_face:


By pure coincidence these are growing on my front lawn … wondering whether to fry them up for dinner. You there @ramblingjohn? :grinning:


Do not eat (sorry i have been away so slow to answer)
(will get back to last two posts tomorrow).

Heddiw - Today.

Morlo cyffreden ifanc - young common seal.

Gloyn byw estron - Butterfly exotic/foreign.

Cheers J.P.


Castanwydden bêr
Sweet chestnut
Castanea sativa

ffwng mêl ?
Honey fungus
Armillaria mellea


Heddiw - Today.

Ffwng melog - Honey fungus.
In response to eating them , the best i can find is (taste strong, can be eaten if cooked)
As with many fungus i suspect edibility may vary depending on which substrate
(in this case wood, (their mycelia will be feeding on wood even when they appear in
grass)), they consume, (some woods are themselves poisonous).

Gloyn byw estron arall - another exotic species (Blue morpho).

Pengwin - penguin (jackass pengwin from south Africa).

Cheers J.P.