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Mynydd yr Olewydd (Mount of Olives), Jeriwsalem, from our balcony this evening. The tower is that of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Ascension; marking the spot where, according to the Orthodox tradition, Jesus ascended to Heaven 40 days after his resurrection (perhaps in order to learn Welsh from the angels?).




Not getting about for much interesting photography these days but still trying.

ffwng clust tyfu ar arwydd Chinese - jews ear fungus growing on Chinese sign
(a variation on take away!).

Eirlys - snow drops (spring approaches).

Cheers J.P.


Well spotted, that ffwng clust, J.P.! :slightly_smiling_face:
Set me wondering whether it was already growing in the wood/plywood when the sign was made or just deterioration of the paint had allowed the spores to establish themselves - no way of knowing, I guess …


Could they have been using it as an ingredient and had some spores on their hands when they made the sign? After all, it is edible.


Now there’s an idea! :slightly_smiling_face:


Llyffantod yn Rhydychen:
Making Tadpoles by Richard, on Flickr


Crocws or the rather lovely name Canhwyllau Mair, which refers to its candle like appearance.


Yn yr ardd - Ysgwydd Amryliw neu Ysgwydd Cynffon Twrci.


That’s beautiful! But why is it “shoulder”? (colorful shoulder? turkey-tail shoulder?) I’m sure I’m missing some nuance, but please help me out.


Because although ysgwydd is ‘shoulder’, in an architectural sense it also means ‘bracket’ :slight_smile:


Thank you! I couldn’t make sense of it, but ‘bracket’ I am familiar with. Thanks again!


Heddiw - Today.

Blodau draenen ddu - Black thorn flower.

Cennin Pedr - Dafodil.

Cheers J.P.


sure brighten up the countyside and the gardens. Spring at last


Cennin Pedr in the garden…


Catrin - I’ll see your cenin pedr and raise you a few!


First water vole of the season! Llygoden bengron y dẃr :slight_smile: And one of them is smiling nearly as much as I was!! :slight_smile:


Mae’r gwanwyn wedi dechrau - spring has started.
Heddiw - today.

Mantell paun - peacock.

Cheers J.P.


Balm i’r llygad! A sight for sore eyes!


Yn yr tŷ gwydr - ffa, letys, pys a moron.