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What's outside


Heddiw - Today.

Briallu - Primrose.

Fioled ber - Sweet violet.

Carn yr ebol - Clolt’s foot. (click on image for full size).

Cheers J.P.


I’ve managed to get into the garden after a cold, very wet winter and noticed these: a lichen cen y coed on the, still very bare. hedge. Someone will know what variety in both English and Welsh I’m sure.

I also spotted this snail malwen. I think it may be a brown-lipped snail malwen gwefus frown???


Hwrê!! Beavers are back in Wales!!!:heart_eyes:
I’n so jealous though… I want to be released into the wild in Wales by Iolo too!!! :rofl:
(Beaver = afanc)


Titw Tomos Las


Waw, yn gynnar fawr!


Today, nestling under a hedge

Cowslips? Oxslips? False Oxslips? / Briallu? Briallu-Mair di-sawr? Briallu croesryw? (not really sure how to tell them apart … :thinking:)

And as it was outside, in a shed in the corner of a field of chickens (and it’s the first one I’ve seen - maybe I’ve led a sheltered life :slightly_smiling_face:), a self-service egg vending machine 30 for £8:


I could hear bees in the garden this afternoon and managed to get some pictures of two very different types. The larger of the two was black with an orange bottom.

The smaller one was clearly striped with a whitish bottom.

Finally a picture of the orange bottom… not taken from its best side!