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Bwydo’r babi robin goch

Robin goch gwlyb


Pys Pêr Mae’n arogl bendergedig!


Lovely!! But they look like pys pêr to me! :slight_smile:


Here in the northeastern U.S., we have the famous Brood X periodical cicadas, who emerge every 17 years. Here’s the first one I spotted, on a picnic a couple of weeks ago.

For the six weeks or so that they’re alive and mating, they buzz/hum loudly enough to be heard indoors if you’re close to a wooded area.


I like your observation of nature. When my wife and I went to pick mushrooms, we saw a lot of different beetles that we had not seen before.


Mae dringwr llechi, dringo llech. image|375x500


spotted in my garden today - gwyfyn claergoch cinnabar moth (unfortunately looking a bit worse for wear)


Heddiw - Today.

Gweirloyn bach y waun ar llaeth y gaseg - small heath on cuckoo flower.
(click on image for full size).

Cheers J.P.

Oxford walks

Banded Demoiselle (morwyn wych) damselfly - one of many out and about today near the banks of the River Cherwell
While checking out which damselfy it was I came across this short video of Banded Demoiselles from the British Dragonfly Society:


Heddiw - today.

Gweirloyn brych - Speckled wood.

Cheers J.P.