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drew gen i , dim enw yn yr cymraeg heddiw - sorry no welsh name today.

sure struggled to find this moth which is not in the books (of moths).
Unless i am wrong this is the box tree moth first recorded in kent in 2007,
probably arrived in britain with imported plants and has been recorded in wales.

Cheers J.P.


I stuck some of my excess seed potatoes in pots with homemade compost. Thought I’d got mushrooms as well but, although they smell like mushrooms and are white, the gills are the wrong colour so I’m certainly not going to eat them. Anybody got any idea what they are?

I know what this is: Broga, Frog, but I’m not eating him either.


Possibly Tricholoma album (don’t eat).

Heddiw - today.

Passion flower.

Faint o pidyn y gog - how many lord’s and ladies.

Cwillen hirgorn ddu a melyn - Black and yellow long horn beetle.

Lindys gwyfyn cwcwll y pannog - mullien moth caterpillar.

Cheers J.P.


Diolch JP!


Heddiw - Today.

Cragen felen - yellow shell.

Lindys teigr y benfelen - Cinnabar caterpillar.

Cheers J.P.


Pont Llangollen - celf am yr Eisteddfod.


I took these a couple of weeks ago but only just looked at them



Where did you take those @charlie-o? I had a visit to Skomer Island a few years ago now, and it was one of the most magical days of my life! So many puffins!!


That was the Farne Islands in Northumberland. Was fantastic to see all the birds


It looks amazing! I’ve never been to Northumberland. So many places to see!


I definitely recommend it. Lots of great countryside and old buildings




Heddiw - Today.

gwyfyn siobyn - Vapourer moth.

cheers J.P. (keep the great photo’s coming folks)


This is a Gerri-txori Arrunta in Basque - a Short-toed Tree Creeper in English - and a Dringwr Troedfyr in Cymraeg


Pryf Hofran a Buwch Goch 7-Smotyn.


Today in Wytham Wood …

Marbled White (Gweirlõyn Cleisiog)

Unknowv species of Bellflower (Clychlys)


Heddiw - Today.

Wyau gloyn byw gwyn mawr - Large white butterfly eggs.

Cheers J.P.


Fantastic photo, @ramblingjohn. Though it’s not something you are eager to see on the cabbages.


Isn’t it brilliant! The detail is amazing! :star2: