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What's outside


A short video in Welsh and English. :slight_smile:


A Welsh bee’s backside at Aberglasney last September.


How do you know the bee is Welsh? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well it was buzzing a lot but without using the letter Z!


Also it was sufficiently far from the border for me to assume it was at least domiciled in Wales…


Yn y coed yma, ar y penwythnos.


A sea rainbow - enfys y môr.

Seen from the train near Conwy.


Beth sydd o gwmpas y tro nesaf?


Heddiw - Today.

Gellesgen bach - Dwarf iris.

Blodau draenen ddu - Black thorn flowers.
(click on images for full size).

Cheers J.P.


Heddiw - Today.

Hwyaden gribog - Mandarin duck.

Cheers J.P.


An unusual visitor to the garden recently - only seen him a couple of times but finally managed to get a photo. Not only is he a robin frongoch but also a robin adenwen!


Mae dwi’n trio gwneud y fideo natur yn Cymraeg ac Saesneg.
I tried to make a nature video in Welsh and English.

Please watch, hit the bell and tell a friend.


Heddiw - Today.

Britheg - snakes head fritillary.

Matell paun - Peacock butterfly.

Cheers J.P.


heddiw - today.

Gweirloyn brych - speckled wood.

Llaeth y gaseg - cuckoo flower.

Brychan hardd y calch - pretty chalk carpet.

Cheers J.P.


Coed enfawr bendigedig ar dir ysbyty Warneford, Rhydychen. (Trwy’r ffenestr.)

Magnificent trees in the grounds of the Warneford hospital, Oxford.


A surprise in my greenhouse this morning: Gwalchwyfyn y pisgwydd / Lime hawkmoth :heart_eyes:


Some of the more vociferous visitors to our garden this week.

Cigfran - Raven

Pioden - Magpie

Robin Goch - Robin


Heddiw - Today.

Glesyn y celyn - Holly blue.

Gwyn blaen oren - Orange tip.

Cheers J.P.


Wow, fantastic photos


Ddwy, dwi’n trio gwneud y fideo.

Yesterday, I tried to make a video.