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When bootcampers take over the bootcamp


Helo Margaret—diolch yn fawr iawn.

‘Chwarae teg’, it was our problem that we were unaware of what was happening, and ‘all Chardonnay under the bridge’ :slightly_smiling_face:

It is inevitable that folk who have enjoyed, or are about to enjoy a Bootcamp together forge close bonds—throughout the Parti weekend we couldn’t help noticing the friendships and pleasure such experiences clearly provide.

Note to other readers here—if you can, you should try to get to a Bootcamp for the camaraderie and fun, as well as the Welsh. Wish we could, but it is a little far and expensive to travel from where we live.

Note to self—keep that promise to become familiar and at ease with Slack so I can join in conversations easier, then get to know more SSiW folk even if I cannot attend Bootcamps.



I originally signed up for the whole Bwtcamp but I had to work on Wednesday so managed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
I found it a great help and it was nice to meet up with people I knew, people I’d met from my Taith Heb Saisneg last August., people I’d only met via Slack and people I’d never met before. I tried to use Welsh everywhere - in the pubs, in the cafes, on the bus even in the Clwb Iotio!
I manage to do quite a lot of eating and drinking (in Welsh), caught the bus to Pen-y-Pass and climbed Yr Wyddfa, visited Orien Ynys Mon and cought the train from Bangor to Wrecsam without using Saesneg.

Fellow bwtcampers were a great help, in particular I’d like to thank - @gruntius acting as ringmaster ans successfully hearding cats! @Rohini for arranging an impromtu night in the Cwb Iotio and for storing my bike, and driving to Oriel Ynys Mon. @bob ffenics for driving to Llanberis and @margaretnock for organising our try to Yr Wyddfa.

It was a fantastic experience shared with some lovely people… and as others have said … Diolch to the people of Caernarfon for their patience and encouragement.