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When to use yn after ddim?


Can’t figure out the rules for when to use yn after ddim, seems to be a bit random!


Can you give some examples of what’s confusing you? I can’t think of ddim and yn being linked by any particular rules as such, so maybe it’s other rules making it look like it’s a ddim +/- yn thing.


I can’t think of anything either. The rules of when to use “yn” seem the same to me whether the “ddim” is there or not. (Remember the yn is sometimes abbreviated to 'n but never when used after ddim.)

So …
Dwi isio bwyd. (No yn after isio or angen for example.)
Dwi ddim isio bwyd. (Still no yn.)

Dwi’n hapus. ('n is short for yn.)
Dwi ddim yn hapus. (Yn is present here also.)



Just checking where i got it wrong and seems to be something to do with past tense
Dw I ddim yn canu
Bydda I ddim yn canu
Wnes I ddim canu
Is this a past tense rule?


Yes, the rule relates to the verb and verb tense. The “ddim” is a red herring in this case.

So it’s “Wnes i ganu” or “Wnes i ddim canu”. There is no “yn” when using that form of the past tense.


Diolch yn fawr, Margaret


I found that as with most things going by the sound of it works the best. Anyway, the rule seems to be: the connecting “yn” only comes after versions of bod/is.