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Where do you find the rest Of the Dutch lessons?


Hi, I’ve been enjoying the Dutch challenges. I’ve been through the 10 tourist lessons and now I’m going through challenge one, which have 7 lessons, currently. At the end of lesson 7, it says see you in lesson 8. I can’t find lesson 8 or any other lessons/challenges Relating to the Dutch language. I’m really enjoying these lessons and think it is a well structured and presented course. I’d like to continue with it, Can you please help me find the rest of the lessons? Thank you


I’m afraid I think 7 is as far as we’ve reached right now - and we’ve been stuck waiting for work on the course creation tool before being able to build more. We’re hoping to have some more stuff in production before the end of this year… :slight_smile:


Hey @stevemccarthy, welcome to the forums!

Glad you’re enjoying the Dutch courses that are offered – don’t worry, as Aran said, more are coming. Shame to know you have to wait after you’re really enjoying them, but this patience will certainly pay off. SSi is developing an in-house tool for developing quality, robust courses in a matter of days, if not hours. All wonderful things.

In the mean time, might I suggest * eek * Duolingo * eek *. But it’d only be a temporary thing to maybe help with satiating some of your Dutch cravings. Once the latest-and-greatest of the Dutch courses start coming out, I think you’ll be very pleased.

And don’t feel shy to participate on the forums – once we get the Dutch courses up, the Dutch community around it will certainly grow bigger.

Happy learning, mate.


Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your post, and your encouragement. As Aran said, as soon as the new version of the software is available, there will be more lessons. I say this with great confidence, because my own daughter who grew up knowing only English (I feel very bad about this now) is pestering me with requests for more lessons as well.
Edit: No intention to imply that you are in any way pestering me :wink:



Thank you, I’ll just keep going over the material there is at the moment. Until hopefully, you’re able to update and add more :slight_smile:


Hi all
Any news on further Dutch lessons?