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Who fancies a pop-up meetup in Caerdydd? - Weds 19 Feb, 2020


@martinarnold, @AnthonyCusack - thanks a lot for the list of places, going to check 'em out now.
Although…uhm…the Bone Yard? :thinking:
I had just thought that I had to figure out what to do on Friday 13th without it ending up being too creepy, now this! :smiley:

In general, just as Anthony had guessed, I try to stay as far as possible from pasta, pizza, gelato (apart from @HuwJones’s childhood’s favorite that I’ll be happy to try as soon as I manage to visit that part of Wales) and vino too (apart from France, since everywhere else is unnecessarily crazy expensive). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So my preference would go to something else, if possible (as long as inexpensive, as @rob-7 was mentioning, and that of course is fine).

Sorry to hear @Sylv and @kim-howell would have liked to be there, but are away. :frowning:
While glad that @Hishiv, @rob-7, @hillconrad215 and maybe @Laura_P_87 are thinking of joining us.

@krevans, thanks, good to take note for next time, but next Monday I’m not yet in Wales. :slight_smile:

P.s. despite my no pizza rule I happened to see Ffwrnes pizza (at Cardiff market,it seems) and it looks perfectly napoletana! Has anyone tried it?(not related to the meeting, just curious!


Ffwrnes Pizza is really good, and the staff speak Welsh!


Oh, I’m not sure it’s still/always the founders working there now, but Bois y pizza is one of the first things I watched on S4C and it’s really funny (and
a bit easier for me to understand than the average programme).


I’d love to. I’m wythnos tri of the chwe mis course. Is that ok? I’m on lesson 19 so moving quite quickly as I’m not a beginner.


It’s a friendly chat while eating and drinking something together, any level is welcome! :slight_smile:


I suggest Chapter then. Big enough for groups to meet, not too expensive, plenty of drinks choices (hard and soft), occasionally Welsh speaking staff. Also, Chapter is a bit easier for people to come and go. You’re not clambering past other people having a sit down meal.

Both Calabrisella and Ffwrnes do authentically Italian pizza. Ffwrnes by the bois o Gymru, Calabrisella by an Scicilian family. Both excellent pizzas!


Diolch yn fawr. Count me in then. Dw i’n edrych ‘mlaen!


That’s true, if there’s more than 4 people it’s something worth considering! It’s fine for me, but I’m flexible. Plenty of options in your list. :slight_smile:

Oh I thought Calabrisella was run by someone from Calabria. :smiley:

I got curious and searched for some pics - it looks good, more Siciliana in fact - as far as I can tell - not Napoletana like Ffwrnes.

p.s. Happy to hear you’ll join us, @vanessa-powys! :slight_smile:


Ahhh…spot my deliberate mistake :lying_face:


Oh well, hundreds of pizzerias are named “Vesuvio” but their owners are not necessarily from Napoli! :laughing:
Calabrisella is the title of a traditional song, of course inspired by a girl from Calabria, but the restaurant owners might as well be from Sicilia! :slight_smile:


No I think you were spot on and they’re from Calabria (their website agrees with you). I’ve only been there 6 times too :see_no_evil:


Great to see so much interest in this. Is there a general leaning towards Chapter? This is the menu:


For me anywhere in the area is good :slight_smile:


OK, so Chapter it is! Gisella and I will aim to be there by 6.30, and everyone is welcome to come along when they can. Join us for food, for a drink, for just a chat, whatever suits.

CHAPTER, Market Road, Canton, CF5 1QE


Dw i’n edrych ‘mlaen yn fawr iawn. I’m aiming to get there just after 7.





will try and arrive soon after 6:30


Byddai i’n caru I dod one dim transport, Siri x


Sori - predictive text


Sorry Dee I would love to be there but I’m on my hols in Sbaen.