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Who fancies a Quiz on Welsh Speaking Practice


Please send me a message if you would like to take part in a quiz called “Y Cwestiwn Mawr” . It will be similar to Mastermind but without the timer :exploding_head:
You’ll be asked to choose a specialits subject and the quiz will contain 10 general knowledge quiz and 10 questions on your specialist
Send me a message if you’d like to take part with an idea of your specialist subject ( and times you’d be free to take part)

We haven’t yet decided on a date for the quiz. The aim is to have 3 or 4 contestansts in every round

It will be fun! ( And not too hard I promise)


We have EXTENDED the closing date to 28/ 3/2020 :tada::+1:


Although that chair looks scary, I’m sure this will be really good fun! :slight_smile: Just remind me again what the Welsh for “Pass!” is, I think I’m going to need it! :joy:


:point_up_2: yes, this! :sweat_smile:


Wmbo :slight_smile:


Yup add me please :slight_smile:


@Cetra YMLAEN.will be the word.
We’ll need to practice saying it quickly :joy:


“mlan” :sweat_smile: