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Why not come to the Gloucester meeting?


Now there is a question! Think of the excitement, the suspense, the drama of visiting our small but enthusiastic meeting on the second Wednesday of each Month: 7.30pm at the England’s Glory pub, where I’m sure they think we are Romanian. There is a mixture of native speakers from Sir Gar and intermediate and early learners and the next instalment is tomorrow (8th) so everyone is welcome to come along.
I will be expectant now, that there will be a queue out of the door! Ha Ha! Pam lai!
Nic (My epitaph should read: “He died an optimist” or perhaps “Gaeth e ei farw yn optimistaidd”)


Hi Nic! Next time perhaps! I shall put a note in the diary, I guess for June 12th?


Yes, thanks Phil - 12th June. There’s plenty of parking behind the pub.


Is the next one 10 July? I can’t make it this time, but could join you for the next one (I’m in Cheltenham, currently working my way through level 2).



Hi Steve,
Yes, the next meeting is on 10th July, from 7.30pm until 9pm. We usually siarad yn Gymraeg for the first hour and then lapse into Saesneg for the last half an hour, which is a good time to ask questions and discuss things, before the drinking competition commences (only joking!).
It would be great to meet you,


Thanks, Nic. I’ll give it a go. I’m nervous already, but it will be a good step forwards, I’m sure. I’ll put it in the calendar.


That’s perfectly understandable but the people at the meeting are far from purists and will be very encouraging, so there’s really no need to worry. The worry stems from being afraid to make mistakes or forgetting what you are trying to say but, as Iestyn says, you learn more by making mistakes. Building the confidence to join a conversation is an important step but you can always just listen in initially if you want to, and marvel at my mistakes!


Thanks. I’ll feel I’ve failed if I leave without having said something (in Welsh), so I do want to join in, if only in a small way. That would give me more confidence that I have learnt some useful Welsh, I hope.


I must apologise: I won’t be able to make this one, either. I will keep on with the learning in the meantime, and do my best to see you at the August meeting, if there is one.


Dim problem Steve, perhaps see you in Mis Awst. I usually wear my bathers in August but the people who come for skittles seem to find it disconcerting, so I’ll probably wear normal clothes over the top. I don’t want to cause any commotion or undue fuss, though I’m beginning to suspect I’ve come under surveillance; since there is a van with “Dwr Cymru” on the side, which always seems to be parked nearby, wherever I am. I suppose it’s possible to become a little neurotic about this but there is never a hydrant in the vicinity, and all they seem to do is sit and eat laverbread and drink Tomos Watkins Worm’s Head Ale. Wel, Felly mae yn de fe!


This message is intended to be read with a funky baseline to it, so - get down on it: the next Gloucester meeting is on Wednesday 14th: 7.30pm at The Englands Glory, London Road.


Hi Nic, I am full of a cold ar hyn o bryd so don’t think I shall be venturing up to this one. Sorry, but hopefully see you in Thornbury on the 28th.


Dim problem Phil. Gobeithio you feel better soon. Try listening to more funk music: it’s been scientifically proven to improve the immune system. Nic


I’ll join you this evening (I’ll have to get the bus from Cheltenham, as I don’t drive (much to the relief of other road users). See you later.