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Why not come to the Gloucester meeting?


Now there is a question! Think of the excitement, the suspense, the drama of visiting our small but enthusiastic meeting on the second Wednesday of each Month: 7.30pm at the England’s Glory pub, where I’m sure they think we are Romanian. There is a mixture of native speakers from Sir Gar and intermediate and early learners and the next instalment is tomorrow (8th) so everyone is welcome to come along.
I will be expectant now, that there will be a queue out of the door! Ha Ha! Pam lai!
Nic (My epitaph should read: “He died an optimist” or perhaps “Gaeth e ei farw yn optimistaidd”)


Hi Nic! Next time perhaps! I shall put a note in the diary, I guess for June 12th?


Yes, thanks Phil - 12th June. There’s plenty of parking behind the pub.