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Why not come to the Gloucester meeting?


Thanks- I’ve replied.


I can now answer my own question, “Why not come to the Gloucester Meeting?” And the answer is that our venue has suddenly closed! A convenient and desirable alternative is not immediately obvious and so, for now at least, I’m afraid I have to say that the Gloucester meeting will not be taking place. Regards to everyone who has attended over the last five years or so: perhaps someone will arrange a new meeting in the future.
I would be grateful if Dee could make the alteration to the monthly e mail list of monthly meetings. Diolch


Sorry to hear that! I’ve removed Gloucester from the list in the newsletter for now. I hope you can make alternative arrangements.


After further consultation, we have decided to continue the Gloucester meeting at a new venue between Gloucester and Cheltenham, and welcome attendees from both areas, as well as the Cotswolds and elsewhere. The new venue will be the Bell in Shurdington GL51 4XQ, chosen for its strategic location on the A 46 between Stroud and Cheltenham; only 2 miles from junction 11A of the M5 and 1.5 miles from the main roundabout intersection of the A417 and A46. It has a bus stop outside, on the number ten bus route from Cheltenham to Gloucester. This should make it easier for Steve to attend. It is an authentic country pub with good beer and a quiet corner for us to reserve to have a chat, so I hope it will prove popular.
The meetings will be, as before, at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month: so the next will be on November 13th (there’s a lucky starting date!).
So, I look forward to seeing you there. I wonder if Deborah would kindly list this as the Gloucester and Cheltenham meeting? Diolch.
Cofion, Nic


Glad you have a new venue! It’s in my calendar, see you there.


Great news @nic - diolch!


Wel, Wel, Wel. Our first meeting at our new Venue for the Gloucester AND Cheltenham meeting will be at The Bell Inn (GL51 4XQ) at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th Nov. Why not come over and buy us all a drink! (For the avoidance of any doubt, and the eradication of any aspersions (difriadau) that is a joke, or at least a jovial frisson intended to entice newcomers with a fascade of levity and devil may care). Mine’s a half! ( Half a joke!).
Steve, if your coming it will be a pint (no longer a joke).


Nic, not really aiming to avoid buying a round (honest!), but may not be able to attend, as a friend was in A&E early this morning and wants me to go and see her after my charity shop this pm (don’t think I’d have time to eat, then get to the pub).

Sorry to miss it again. Will there be a December meeting?


Totally understand. The December meeting will be on the 11th.


Thanks, Nic, I’ll put it in the calendar.


What happens if a human being has too much fun? Find out and join us at The Bell Inn at Shurdington (GL51 4XQ) between Gloucester and Cheltenham nos yfory (7.30pm on the 11th).
Steve, there is a number ten stop just opposite.
Nadolig llawen pawb!


Next one this coming Wednesday (8th), Nic?


Ydw, Steve. 7.30 at the Bell. Cofion, Nic.


When is your next meet up in Gloucester in the hope I can get there from Tetbury?


The next meeting of the Gloucester/Cheltenham group is on Wednesday 12th February at 7.30. Please note the new venue this year is The Bell Inn, Shurdington GL51 4XQ, which is on the A46 between Stroud and Cheltenham. We usually stay until about 9pm. Hope you can make it.


Diolch yn fawr iawn. Bydda i’n dod. Fe’ch gwelaf yno - hwyl am y tro. Andy


Prynwawn da Andy. I thought I should let you know that, unusually, our two native Welsh speakers, Huw and Eirwyn both have other commitments tonight. I am going to the meeting but will be 20 minutes or so late. Hopefully, there will be a couple of other learners there, but I would understand if you didn’t feel it was worth your while coming all the way from Tetbury this evening. Please let me know what you intend to do.
Cofion, Nic


Bydda i’n dod. Not a problem, it’s about 37 minutes drive according to Google Maps.


Got my dates wrong the other night so hope to join you on March 11.


Ydy wir - the 11th March it is.