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WINNERS of the 2020 Online Eisteddfod announced!


Huge congratulations!

Besides forumists’s favourites, like in previous editions, for the first time we had Celebrity Judges - who were impressed by the excellent standard and had a hard time making their choices.

Diolch yn fawr to all who took part, to the Celebrity Judges and to all forumists who supported the participants by voting in the polls and in the comments.

Llongyfarchiadau eto, and we’ll be in touch shortly with your winners’ certificates and judges’ comments.



Short Poem/Cerdd Rydd
Celebrity Judge: Ieuan Wyn
1af Gwennol Fuan (Isata - @Isata)
2ail Mrs Ddimyndda lawn-Eto (Jackie Browne - @Jackie)
3ydd Arianwen (Barbara Hall - @barbara-hall)
People’s Choice
Llwyncelyn - Carol Evans (@carolevans)

Englyn Milwr
Celebrity Judge: Mererid Hopwood
1af Draenog (Charles Williams - @cev)
2ail Dirgelwch Bywyd (Caz Harris - @carin-harris)
3ydd Y Ddraig Dwp (Bryan Roberts - @bryanroberts)
People’s Choice
Bontfaen (Malcolm Evans)

Celebrity Judge: Mererid Hopwood
1af: Bronwen y Dŵr (Carole Gowers - @carolegowers)
2ail: Bronynant (Jenny Fell - @jenny-5)
3ydd: Nesta Hedyn (Natalie Sanders - @nataliesanders)
People’s Choice
Bronynant (Jenny Fell - @jenny-5)



Prose (Post-Beginner) - Short Story/Stori Fer
Celebrity Judge: Catrin Lliar Jones
1af: Lleucu Llwynog (Cetra Coverdale Pearson - @Cetra)
2il: Llygaid Hardd (Fran Hunnisett - @franhunni)
Cydradd 3ydd:
Dirgelwch Bywyd (Caz Harris - @carin-harris)
Hen Afanc (David Tidy - @dafyddyfelin)
People’s Choice
Hen Afanc (David Tidy - @dafyddyfelin)

Prose (Beginner) - Postcard or Short Story/Cerdyn Post neu Stori Fer
Celebrity Judge: Bethan Gwanas
Mab Gwyn (Brian Gregory - @brian-gregory)
People’s Choice
Nelehpig (Helen Palmer - @h-palmer)

Book Review /Adolygu Llyfr (Post-Beginner)
Celebrity Judge: Bethan Gwanas
Merch O Traeth Coch (Catriona Troth - @Catriona)
People’s Choice
Merch O Traeth Goch (Catriona Troth - @Catriona)

Book Review (Beginner)
No competitors so no voting, but well appreciated all the same!
Dyddiau Hapus (Fran Hunnisett - @franhunni)



Celebrity Judge: Mererid Hopwood
1af Dee Olch (Katherine Cohen - @katherine-c)
2ail Annie Byniaeth (Clare Newbould - @clare-newbould)
3ydd Dim Tric Newydd (Hendrik Robisch - @Hendrik)
People’s Choice
Cydradd 1af:
Dee Olch (Katherine Cohen - @katherine-c)
Y Fenyw Llawen (Emma Ireland - @emma-ireland)

What’s your opinion? /Rhoi Barn
Celebrity Judge: Bethan Gwanas
Ffu Genw (Clare Newbould - @clare-newbould)
People’s Choice
Y Fenyw Llawen (Emma Ireland - @emma-ireland)


Solo Singing/Canu Unigol
Celebrity Judge: Manon Steffan Ros
Eirlys (Clare Newbould - @clare-newbould)
People’s Choice
Dim Tric Newydd (Hendrik Robisch - @Hendrik)

Original Song/Cyfansoddi
Celebrity Judge: Manon Steffan Ros
Warszawa (Nigel Homer - @nigelh)
People’s Choice
Môr-forwyn (Ceri Francis - @ceri-francis)

Group Singing/Canu Grŵp
No competitors so no voting, but well appreciated all the same!
Meibion Camlas - Côr Cymraeg Coventry (Andy Jones - @andyjone, Mark Hinton - @mintonman, Trevor Jones - @trevorjones2, Peter Lockyer, Paul Wilby, John Carlon and Dave Cumner)



Celebrity Judge: Aled Roberts
1af Nelehpig (Helen Palmer - @h-palmer)
2ail Hanner Cant Nesa (Jennifer Kay Ridding - @kay-ridding)
People’s Choice
Cydradd 1af:
Larry (Harvey Fudge - @harvey_fudge)
Warszawa (Nigel Homer - @nigelh)

Celebrity Judge: Nick Treharne
1af Gwennol y Glennydd Ysblennydd (Carole Gowers - @carolegowers)
2ail Lleucu Llwynog (Cetra Coverdale Pearson - @Cetra)
3dydd Dirgelwch Bywyd (Caz Harris - @carin-harris)
People’s Choice
Gwennol y Glennydd Ysblennydd (Carole Gowers - @carolegowers)


Llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn to everyone!!!


Brilliant results and a fabulous lot of entries! Great to see so much variety in all the categories!

Really good to see @dafyddyfelin getting in amongst the winners this year too, after so many years of working behind the scenes as our Submissions Officer. Da iawn Dafydd!


Llonggyfarchiadau i pawb. I enjoyed taking part and learned a lot reading everyone’s posts. I very positive experience. :smiley:


Big congratulations to all the winners!


Thanks to all who organised the events.I enjoyed learning a new song and have increased my vocabulary and listening skills by listening to story telling,prose etc.Diolch pawb


I can’t believe Bethan Gwanas has read and liked something I wrote yn y Gymraeg! Feeling a little wobbly all of a sudden.

Thank you so much to everyone (especially Gisella) and congratulations to all the winners.


Wow, congratulations everyone - what a great competition it’s been this year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and thanks so much to the organisers and judges for your hard work as well. :heart_eyes:


Diolch to all the organisers and llongyfarchiadau to everyone who took part. As others have said, I learnt a lot more vocabulary by taking part in the Eisteddfod and have understood more listening to Radio Cymru since. It has been great reading and listening to all the entries.

              Diolch yn fawr pawb.

Looking forward to next year’s eisteddfod.


I’d just like to add my thanks to @nia.llywelyn and @gisella-albertini for all the hard work they put into this year’s Eisteddfod and the innovations they have brought to it. A fantastic result and a great Eisteddfod. :clap: :clap:


And I would add my thanks to you @Deborah-SSi and @dafyddyfelin for supporting me!


Thanks to @gisella-albertini for her friendly emails:) behind the scenes people are the unsung heroes of evemts. :+1: to everyone.


Congratulations to all the winners. Great entries. I enjoyed taking part and learnt a lot.
Thank you ssiw for providing the platform. Great job done by Gisella and all the staff.


Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb am y Online Eisteddfod. Mi wnes i fwynhau cystadlu achos roedd hi’n her i mi. Ond faswn i’n licio dweud mod i’n mwynhau darllen a gwrandro ar bobeth ar lein hefyd.


I’ve just got my judge’s comments. I’m all of a fluster. A real judgement from a proper bard and all! Thank you so, so much! What an amazing end to the year. :grin: