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Would anyone like to share their duolingo name?


Hi Mary - great! Have added you. Let (friendly) battle commence! :nerd_face: :grinning:


Hi Mary,
I think that I have worked out how to follow you.
My use of Duolingo is sporadic - I get easily bored, but I come back sometimes for reading and spelling practice.
I seem to be Sue (Sue360).

Edited to add:
I am now following all of you!


I like duo lingo too. I’m only doing Welsh so happy to find like minded dysgwyr.


User name is awkwardly Simon761982


Hi Simon
Cool! The mwy the merrier! I’m becoming less of a fan of Dewi Lingo the more I progress through the SSiW challenges (am only on L1C4 lol) but I have learned a lot of vocab from DL and had some good reading and writing and syntax practice so I’m definitely not knocking it. The SSi method is very taxing for short periods at a time but it dun’arf seem effective! :nerd_face:


I am a very great fan of ssi. I can’t thank Aran and the team enough. Without it I could not have even started. It’s a very positive way to learn. I almost a year into learning welsh and I still listen to SSI. I use duo lingo for vocab practice and try to do a bit (even if it’s one exercise) every day. One day I might make siaradwr but it’s a way off. In the meantime we can all encourage each other to keep at it.


My Duolingo name is Loona Katz and I’m new at using Duolingo. :kissing_cat: I’m by far not advanced enough to join a friendly competition, I’m not worth being followed. But I’m following you Welsh speakers, as you’re an inspiration to learn more and to not give up! :sunflower:


Hi Claudia - as it’s a friendly competition it doesn’t matter where you’re at in your journey! :cowboy_hat_face:


I just caught my first glimpse of your weekly score @Telyn_Marco … holy cow! Da iawn ti! I will have to really step up my game to even come close to providing “competition,” but I enjoy the extra motivation and friendliness! :sweat_smile:


I finally got around to looking at, and that is pretty amazing! Diolch yn fawr!

EDIT: I just found the Words and the Tips & Notes tabs, and that is absolutely something I have been wishing for - everything in one place! Bendigedig!


Llewar o ddiolch! I had a big burst of activity and have now calmed down a bit lol. Spending more time on SSiW-centric practice now including implementing the daily targets (check out ) and DL the Targets List if you haven’t already seen it. I only found it yesterday!

LIstening to Radio Cymru a lot now too. As I work from home a lot of the time I just have it on most of the day now. :man_dancing:


Mine is Quamie- I’m following everyone thus far, I think!

It’s funny how I’ll get into a rut with SSI, only for Duo to show me how much I’ve learned! Or I’ll go on hiatus with Duo, and then come back to be like “Ah, that makes sense that it’s spelled like that!”

I’ve been supplementing my learning with listening to Welsh music and reading (very very slowly) in Welsh.


Thank you so much for having posted the link on how to becoming fluent! Only recently it started to dawn on me how brainwashed I still am by the school system, how deeply its principles on how to learn a language properly still are ingrained in me. Back in school, I struggled with the learning system, yet I seem to have accepted and absorbed its rules perfectly. It took me more than two freaking years just to realize that.


It’s crazy isn’t it?! Still, looking on the bright side, SSiW is proving that where there’s a will there’s always a way to do things more effectively. Buying a tiny cheap mp3 player is a great idea too - so you can listen to your language lessons when doing the cooking or whatever!


Yes, that’s a great idea. I’m going to take my iPod to work with me tonight and listen to Challenges. Even though I won’t be always able to say the answers aloud or even think about an answer, I can still listen actively! I’m slowly getting used to the idea that learning a new language can actually be a joy; and that I am allowed to have fun, relax and MAKE MISTAKES while learning.


Nice darts! :grinning:

PS added kudos for the Rush quote tagged to your avatar!




Yeah, looks like there was a misunderstanding, but I wouldn’t complain, after all!

Hard for me to tell which song(s) to practice vocab with, but that’s certainly a good one.
I have a few of the lyrics in those records (if you’d like to have them, just ask and I’ll send you the list ).

By the way, I’m not in the Duolingo competition, but what about a song transcription competition? I think it would be fun! :wink:
Obviously for the songs I don’t have lyrics of!

In the 1985-1995 comp, there’s the first song I got slightly obsessed with: I transcribed what I was hearing in a sort of Italian-English-Welsh so that I could memorize the sequence of sounds and I did. :sweat_smile:
A couple of native Welsh were able to figure out the actual words from the nonsense…so hilarious!

Song transcription (collaborative) challenge

haha - italwelshglish transcriptions would be great! Have you noticed how many phonetic similarities there are between italian and welsh?
Eg Carw - cervo / mêl - miele etc, etc. And the trilled ‘r’ in italian is VERY useful in pronouncing the welsh ‘r’ too!

I’m totally down for the song transcription competition! I’d love a copy of any transcriptions you’ve already done. :man_dancing:

Song transcription (collaborative) challenge

Here’s mine: Caz602895