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Would anyone like to share their duolingo name?



Mine’s JD.Hogan-Davies.


Araveug dw i.


Mine is Araveug but it might be listed as GzHIB because that sends to be the DL name


Hi I’m bertysmum. Tried to follow everyone apologies if I’ve missed you.
I’ve found Duolingo an extra to SSiW to help with vocab but only after completing level one. Sometimes there are lightbulb moments but really it’s revision. Ten minutes with breakfast in the morning seems painless, but I agree that it doesn’t work brilliantly for new stuff. It’s just another way to use your new Welsh brain…


I have done the same, and added every name I could find while scrolling through the thread.
If I have missed somebody: Neverminddragons is me.


lorna (lorna801257) dw i, and I’ve got to this thread via trying to catch up with Recordiau Rhys Mwyn from 14 October, from seeing the thread about Gwalia lyrics, and from deciding that if SSi was/is really gonna have a next SSi language in the shape of Arabic, then maybe I’d try out Duolingo’s Arabic tree which is joyously short at the moment.

Taking up the Arabic script learning exercise has helped motivate me to revise Irish and other lingos I have dabbled in since age 16 (Russian, Dutch, Italian et al) , and try to understand the point of following people on Duolingo, get my head round Duolingo’sx various motivational aids, and Duome, etc…

I have felt keenly that, being recently inspired by @gisella-albertini’s contrib to RRM, and by @tatjana supplying Slovenian phrases per Facebook, perhaps I ought to note what isolated words I learn from RRM and/or Duolingo each week, and perhaps habitually post my learnings on FB as an incentive. I’m trying to connect my vocab learnings across lingos a little. If I manage any FB posts at all it won’t be as fancy, (KnightGhost) tv-like as Tatjana’s, though…

So: to remember Breuddwyd (Welsh for ‘dream’) think Brionglóid (Irish for ‘dream’)… & to revise Irish ‘Sionnach’ on Duolingo, learn Welsh ‘Cadno’…Tatjana’s FB/YT posting was heavy on snow (sneg?) [bwrw eira, cur sneachta]…

Via this thread, perhaps I can connect with people a little bit better again, too, and overcome my continued fear of the Fforwm…


Well, thank you @lornarhodes for putting my video on here. I’m happy if my silly things I’m doing can motivate someone to do something else or to progress in their learning languages. To be honest I’m not much on any of the sites nowdays, including this forum so someone to be inspired with my “work” is special honour to me.

Well, I’m not on Duolingo as much either but if by any chance someone would like to follow me, my name on there is KnightGhost1. (why KnightGhost might some people ask, but this is way too long and not always a pleasant story to be told some other time). :slight_smile:

Hwyl i chi gyd!
Tatjana :slight_smile:


Diolch am dy “waith” di, Tatjana… Slovenian isn’t available on Duolingo, I notice, neither as target nor home language… Slovenian to and from Welsh would be an interesting development!


I don’t know how to follow people just found out that the app isn’t as good as the desktop version why have an app with no vocab lists etc like the desktop version. My name on there is: jen727823. Haha I really need to think of names I had no idea it was that


Well, that’s it. I have completed my golden tree and I am not planning to stay around to mend the cracks as they appear.
Thank you everyone. I needed a bit of friendly competition to spur me on to finish.