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Y Gwyll


Having watched the clip for this excellent programme on YouTube, am now gutted it’s no longer available to watch online. @annmoore has kindly offered to lend me her series 1 dvd but am concerned I’ll get really into it and not be able to watch the other 2 seasons. Any suggestions?


Amazon has all 3 seasons at the moment.


The Series 1 DVD has been unavailable for a while now, sadly.


If you watch it you will definitely get into it, it’s a great series, and very well acted. I was lucky enough to catch all three series on s4c clic. If you like it you will probably like “Craith” as well, only one series at the moment, but I read somewhere that a second series is in the offing. Series one is on s4c clic too.


So, I just bought series 2 and 3 as I only had the 2 discs of series 1@clair-watkins.
Series 2 and 3 are still on sale with Amazon but @Y_Ddraig_Las is correct, series 1 is still currently unavailable.


Thanks @siaronjames
Just bought 2 & 3 to complete my set. @Y_Ddraig_Las is right though, series 1 is still unavailable. (On Amazon anyway)


I think it’s shame there is only English on Netflix (I guess it is because some complicated licensing agreements? otherwise it would be easy to add it as an option). I started in Welsh (with English subtitles) on s4c but now have to watch it on Netflix in English :frowning: Paying £23 for one short season just to have it in different language is not worth it for me. Ideally, I would want to watch in mixed version but that one is completely impossible to find.


It is impossible to find because a mixed version doesn’t exist. The Welsh version was filmed seperate from the English version, so you can’t simply use the English-version picture with the Welsh sound. So Netflix (et al.) could either show the english version or the Welsh version.
There is, however, a dutch version containing both english and welsh in one package with 4 DVDs (two for english, two for welsh), and at €10 it’s reasonably priced. The only snag is that they only provide dutch subtitles (not even english). If you are interested in this version, search for the GTIN code 8717344755146.
Not unsurprisingly you’ll come across a few dutch online shops, but the article usually is available through amazon as well:


I read about the mixed version here:

When I say impossible to find, I haven’t tried all options to see if they are mixed or English only. It’s usually impossible to tell without buying or downloading them. So I just assume that everything titled Y Gwyll is Welsh only and everything titled Hinterland English only.
Apparently, the mixed version is how it was aired by BBC. I don’t have a TV (and I can’t use iPlayer) so I don’t know if it is true or not.


When Y Gwyll box was available Clic I compared the version on Netflix. The scenes without dialogues are the same, but whenever someone speaks…just like @Hendrik said, it’s not dubbed. It has really been filmed twice, in two different languages!

So I can’t imagine how BBC could possibly air a mixed version…but of course I can’t see BBC from here so I can’t really tell.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish watching all three series in Welsh myself, but for now I’ll just watch something else and hope they’ll make them available again on Clic later!


It was definitely mixed when it aired on BBC. A few scenes may well have been filmed three times. But for the most part, individual scenes were either all English or all Welsh, so it would have been possible to cut and paste, as it were!


I read an article about it (quite a while ago) with interviews from the cast where they said that almost every dialogue scene was filmed three times (- and that this was very demanding).

The ‘half and half’ version that I saw on the BBC doesn’t appear to be captured at all which I think is a great shame - I thought that it really worked - particularly to the third party/ non Welsh Speaking viewer - it oozed drama and the switch between languages (with subtitles) was great - it definitely ‘added’ .

I seem to remember the only ones which weren’t filmed 3 times where the odd scene where there was an actor which didn’t speak Welsh.

I have the Welsh version with Dutch subtitles on DVD (!)

Rich :slight_smile:


The producer (?) of the series came to Washington DC and made a presentation to the Aber alums here a couple of years ago. I’m pretty sure that he said there were actually three different versions of every episode: All Welsh, English with bits of Welsh in it for broadcast on UK English-language channels, English with fewer bits of Welsh in it for broadcast on non-UK channels (including US Netflix).


Thanks for all your responses, guys!! It seems the production team and writers believed in it so much they were prepared to film it 3 times!! Will definitely have to watch it one way or another xx


Wow, ok - interesting— yes - tlhat is what I remember from the interview/ article. The cast were saying it was really tough to do.

It is a shame about that half and half version- although today I was hearing about a Broadcast archive being set up in Aberystwyth (on Radio Cymru) - there is a £5m grant; the BBC are handing over their Welsh archive to join ITVs - going back decades.

I was thinking as I was listening how fabulous it would be If this could be made available online.

Rich :slight_smile:


Please don’t follow the advice to go on Amazon!! We have Series 2 and Series 3 on DVD in our INDEPENDENT bookshop, ‘Cant a mil’ in Cardiff and also on our website: and

Both DVDs are in Welsh with English subtitles.
Diolch yn fawr iawn! Jo


Thank you Jo. Yours are quite a bit cheaper than Amazon too :hugs:


You are very welcome Ann. Every order means a huge amount to a little shop like ours so thank you very much indeed for your order which went out in the post this morning. Enjoy your viewing! Jo x


I really want to watch this, but I’m very put off by season 1 being impossible to find. How linked are the seasons? Do you need to know what happened in the first one?


Hi @Lianne-Wilson

You mean a Welsh version of season 1 - without Dutch subtitles (!) :smile: …to be honest when it was on tv in the first place I joined post-season 1 and I still thought it was great. There is an over-arching story which you do tune into when you join later. So I’d still recommend it.

Rich :slight_smile: