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Y Wennol - Online Welsh Magazine


Shelagh Fishlock has sent this information through about an online magazine called Y Wennol - The Swallow. It is distributed for free by Rob Evans who is an ex-tutor and has a website called This is what Rob says about Y Wennol:

When I was a tutor in Powys some years ago I started a newsletter called Y Wennol and got Welsh learners to write stories to fill it. The newsletter was printed to start with and fortunately I ran a printing business at the time, later it was published on the web. But I retired and moved to live in Swansea and that was the end.

I have been concerned about all the enthusiastic learners who get lost somehow after their courses are over. I don’t think we do enough to get them into the Welsh community. The language cannot afford to lose a large percentage of learners who have shown enthusiasm and support .Hopefully this humble newsletter will be a way to keep learners in contact with the language either by reading or contributing their own articles to it.

Writing is a good way to develop your language skills because you have time to find the best way to express yourself. When you are in conversation you have to think very quickly. Reading is very important if you want to develop your vocabulary. the more you read, the more words accumulate in your sub-conscious. So, enjoy your reading!

Shelagh adds:

Most of us want to learn Welsh so we can talk to friends and other Welsh speakers. But in order to improve our new language it really helps to start reading and writing. There is an on-line free magazine which can be very useful, called “Y Wennol” (The Swallow).

It has articles on different topics with vocabulary, a beginners’ page and information about events. Everyone is welcome to write an article or story, no matter what your level of Welsh. (The editor corrects any mistakes)

I have been reading and contributing to Y Wennol for more than a year, which has been a real boost to my confidence in Welsh.

To receive Y Wennol every month, email Rob Evans –


I’ve just received the November edition and it has a request in it to pass it on and encourage more readers, so here it is to download:

WennolTachwedd 2021.pdf (3.7 MB)


Nia came to Swansea last Saturday to meet learners in our area… Rob Evans joined us and told us about his Newsletter Y Wennol… We all enjoyed talking and looking over Swansea Bay…


Thanks Deborah, will have a look!


Thanks, looks very good indeed!


brilliant idea - looks great! Sadly I’m not able to understand any of it - yet- emphasis on the word “Yet” - hopefully one day! :grinning:


It looks interesting… is it then in ‘ S Welsh grammar? ‘ I can read some Welsh as I do Duolingo… but find switching between N and S Welsh sentence constructions and words very confusing sometimes …


It is in fairly standard written Welsh, more formal than the spoken variety, so not strongly northern or southern.


What is the subscription cost for the magazine?


It’s completely free - yn rhad ac am ddim - as we say in Welsh :slight_smile:


Diolch Deborah


Diolch yn fawr- bydd diddorol siwr o fod. I must echo the comment below about the Welsh language in the North and South and West Wales. I am not as gifted in the respective lingos!


We’ve had a lovely message of thanks from Rob, the editor of Y Wennol, and he’d love to get some articles from you!

Thank you SSIW

Thank you to all of you who sent their email addresses to receive Y Wennol each month. I was quite overwhelmed. I know that a lot of it is perhaps a bit difficult but most of the articles have been written by learners who went through the same pain as yourselves and, through contributing articles have quickly moved to higher levels. They’re pushing themselves you see and it would be unfair of me to rein them in. My biggest problem is in getting simple articles, something for new learners. This is where you could come in – why not write me a simple article saying who you are, your likes and dislikes, where you went on holiday – whatever you can cope with. I’ll make sure that everything is correct (if I need to!) so that you can be proud of your work.

You’ll enjoy it and you’ll be using what you’ve learnt and, together we will build up your confidence.

Send it to me – Rob Evans

Pob hwyl


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I’ve used Y Wennol for about a year, because I can understand quiet a lot, and each month you get a downloadable newsletter


An appeal from Rob - Editor of Y Wennol. Who’d like to have a go at writing just a few sentences about themselves in Welsh?

Helo Bawb

Dw i’n dechrau gweithio ar Y Wennol mis Gorffennaf a dw i angen straeon syml, rhywbeth sydd yn dweud pwy ydach chi, ble dach chi’n byw, beth dach chi’n hoffi ac unrhyw beth arall. Mae’r fath yma o stori yn bwysig iawn achos mae’n agor y drws i’r rhai sydd newydd ddechrau, gobeithio wedyn bydden nhw’n parhau i ddarllen Y Wennol a dysgu mwy o eiriau wrth wneud hynny.

Peidiwch â phoeni, byddaf yn gwneud yn siŵr bod popeth yn iawn, y sillafu, y treigladau a phob dim. Byddech yn falch iawn o weld eich stori mewn print a gobeithio byddech yn parhau i gyfrannu.

Diolch yn fawr

Pob hwyl


Hello Everyone

I am just starting on the Wennol for July and I need some simple stories, something that says who you are, where you live, what you like and anything else you can add. That sort of story is very important because it opens the door to those who are new to learning Welsh, hopefully then they will carry on reading the Wennol and learn more vocabulary by doing that.

Don’t worry, I shall go through everything to make sure that it’s correct, the spelling, the mutations and everything. You will be very proud to see your story in print and, hopefully you will continue to contribute.

Thank you

Send any contributions to