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I am super pleased , changed my password , downloaded app. Completed lesson 1 whilst doing my cleaning in work :rofl: I did get some funny looks from my colleagues!


Dw i isio ddustio…tra-la-la…dwi’n mynd/fynd/mynd…:rage: hoffi coffi rwan :+1:


Excellent! :grinning: :+1:
Getting the funny looks is part of the fun! :wink:


Well done!

I just did lesson one this morning. The dogs were confused by “sut”


…and you have to be careful if you are doing the southern course - if your dogs are very obedient - as the ‘s’ is pronounced with a ‘sh’ sound :blush:

Rich :slight_smile:


There’s a lovely moment in “Sgŵp” by Lois Arnold. Lowri and Anthony are running away from fierce guard dogs. Anthony shouts and the dogs sit, allowing them to escape. Lowri congratulates Anthony for shouting “sit!”. Anthony confesses that he did not shout “sit!”. He was scared and shouted “s**t!”


:smile: I enjoyed that book too - Lois Arnold is great!

Rich :slight_smile: